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Dec 21 - 2

Sailing on the edge of a high

Dec 21Position:  38.07.966 S, 154 35.656 EI'm having my fresh squeezed lemon in warm water to start my day. West Wind II has a very lively motion this morning as we are hard on a Northwest wind tearing along into a small <1 meter wave pattern … [Read More...]

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Sailing on the westerlies

Dec 20

It is Saturday night 9:00 I have just cooked up some Quinoa and heated the stew. tastes great but is a bit too hot to eat. The west wind has kept the sea up all day and us scooting along at breakneck … [Read More...]

Through Bass Strait on to the Tasman Sea


Dec 19The sun is setting now on a very full day that started at 03:00 am with faint light showing on the horizon ahead of WW II just under the sails, and has ended with a spectacular blazing sunset as … [Read More...]

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Slow and steady progress

Dec 18

 Dec 18I am going a little slower than I would like but I am still going which is the main thing. Position: Lat 38 51.888 S, Long 140 26.782Course 110T Speed 7 knots Wind  NW 15 knots Entrance to Bass Strait 140 nm  … [Read More...]

Hand steering through a gale


Dec 17One of the most amazing days sailing ever! The gale force winds of the last few hours have blown new life into those big Southern Ocean swells I've been experiencing for the last week. Their beautiful, slow but determined energy that pushes them over the horizon was re-awakened by the force of a westerly gale.It was like a … [Read More...]

Running before 30 knots of wind

Dec 16

Dec 16 @ 08:49 local time, 22:49 UTCPosition: 38.03.058 S, 137 02. 753 E Course 82 T, Speed 7.5 knots. Amazing morning here running before 30 knots of wind in 3-4 metre seas. The sun is shining through the clouds and the horizon is covered in white horses.The sound down below of West Wind running through the water is a little … [Read More...]

Eyeball to eyeball

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.54.18 AM

Dec 16 Monday night 8:49 pm South Australia time.The rice is just about ready to go with a new stew I pulled together during a lovely warm day. We're running before a 10 knot wind and a 4 metre swell from the SW. The afternoon was a nature encounter bonanza. I had two very curious Minke Whales along side the boat and  I mean hop … [Read More...]

Spectacular galaxy show

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.34.01 PM

Dec 15The spectacular galaxy show is long gone and a soft grey curtain has been brought down on an equally grey stage that I find myself sailing along this lovely cool morning. It was a night of many feelings - wonder and frustration.Frustration, as the wind danced around the boat like a cat sleeping on the couch. The sea on the … [Read More...]

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