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Crashing through a low

Lat 35.38 S Long 163.29 W Course: 000T Speed: 4 knots Wind: E 30 Waves: E 2.5 metres Cloud: 100% Barometer: 1009 falling Distance in last 24 hrs:  111 nm Range to Rarotonga: 885 nmDay 12 Thursday, December 8, 2016Just took the main sail down so we … [Read More...]

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Through the high, making good progress


Day 11 Wednesday, December 7, 2016Lat. 37.30 S Long 163.40 W Course: 05 T Speed 5.5 knots  Wind NE 20+knots Waves NE 1.5 metres Cloud 99% Barometer: 1020 Falling Distance in last 24hrs: 108 nm … [Read More...]

Slow going in light winds


Day 10 Tuesday, December 6, 2016 early morningLat 39.19 S Long 164 W Course 10 T Speed 3.5n knots Wind NE 5 knots Waves SW 2 metres Cloud 80% Baro 1026 Range to Rarotonga: 1108 nm Distance in last 24 … [Read More...]

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Planning the new route


Day 9 December 5, 2016 noonLat 40.51 S Long 164.30 W Course 40 T Speed 6.5 knots Wind SW 15 knots Waves SW 2 Cloud 20% Baro 1021 steady Distance in last 24 hrs: 155nmJust finished my daily radio show with Cliff and talked to several stations. It is reasonably warm and very cozy sitting at the nav table this afternoon. Outside … [Read More...]

Homeward bound


Day 8 December 4, 2016Lat 43.04 S  Long  165.41 W Course 30 T Speed 7 knots Wind NW 15 Waves W 1.5 metres Cloud 100 % Baro 1015 steady Distance in last 24 hrs: 132 nmAll is well.  Wind generator picking up the slack for missing solar panel.Very very mysterious burnt point of impact on solar panel. Meteor hit I think?Beating hard … [Read More...]

A change in plans


 Day 8 December 4, 2016Its 12:15 am and I'm still up partly because sleep is illusive. We have light following breezes and WW II needs some attention in order to keep on track. I gybed the main at sunset and altered course to a little more north. The seas are still running pretty big and shaking the wind out of the sails. We are … [Read More...]

Death defying galley antics


 I realized this morning that I left the InReach tracking device down below by the Nav. station overnight so it could be charged and of course  it wouldn't have have been able to send out any location markers from there because it can't see any satellites. Rest assured it is now back in its velcro holder strapped just inside the … [Read More...]

Managing in a seaway


 Day 5 Friday December 2, 2016 @ 03.25 local time Lat 42.51 S,Long 171. 55 W Course 96 T Speed 6.8 knots Wind S 15 knots Waves SW 4 metres Cloud 75% Baro 1011 steady Range CH 4086 nm Distance in last 24 hrs: 140 nmBack down below after a half hour on deck taking down the pole from the yankee. The dawn is breaking and as always, … [Read More...]

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