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Happy in Waikiki

Tuesday, January 17, 2017I'm here in the legendary and very hospitable Waikiki Yacht Club.I am happy and very lucky to be here with my MaryLou and to have arrived safely. MaryLou and I have just enjoyed a coffee and fresh breakfast skillfully … [Read More...]

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Arrived in Honolulu !!!

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Arrived safe and sound to Honolulu Sunday, January 15th @ 11:30 am Hawaii time. We'll spend a week here putting West Wind to bed and fly back to Victoria. Sorry for the wonky looking post. Trying to … [Read More...]

Excited, relieved and thankful

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Friday, January 13, 201703:00 All's well. 122 nm to Honolulu. Boats going well and water is under control. "You gotta love it!"Just going for a tour on deck and then back to sleep. I was surprised to … [Read More...]

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Steady winds taking us closer

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Friday, January 13, 2017It is 10:00 pm (Thursday night) we are sailing off the wind not quite a reach but close. WW II is churning out 6 knots and tearing along parallel to a three meter swell set with a period of 4 seconds traveling at 10 knots. In other words every four seconds a swell lifts us three meters as it passes under … [Read More...]

Steady Progress

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 Thursday, January 12, 201711:40 pmStayed up late to reduce sail as the wind built to 20 knots and sea increased to over two meters as did the pump. So I've been reducing sail from 10:00 pm on till now. Wind seems to be holding so I will go to sleep and wake later to see how things are. Kind of a wild night on deck with full … [Read More...]

Easting to the mark


 Lat 16 27 N Long 159 35 W Course 16 T Speed 4 knots Wind E 15 knots Waves 2 M Cloud 35% Baro 1016 Miles in last 24hr 105 NM Honolulu 306 nm Easting to lay the mark 45.01 NMWednesday, January 11, 2017 01:45 am A new day. Driven from my sleep with an overwhelming desire to go faster and a vision of you waiting on the dock. I have … [Read More...]

A fine balance


Lat 14.47 N, Long 160.04 Range to Honolulu 431 nm Boat speed 4 knots Course 354 T.Tuesday January 10, 2017 00:20 am.All is well. No 25 knot wind yet waiting for the shoe to drop. Back to my bunk.03:35 amNice steady Easterly about 15 knots. Let a little more jib out just to get us along on our way. Quilted sky flushed with moon … [Read More...]

Listening to VA7MLW marine mobile online


Monday, January 9, 2017Through the miracle of technology and the kindness of the ham radio net community who sent me a link to their online station, here's a video I made of the online audio conversation. Here's an excerpt from a conversation between Glenn VA7MLW and his ham radio mates.Watch and listen here.  … [Read More...]

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