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Glenn receives Endurance Award from the Ocean Cruising Club (and in person February 28th)

 I was very honoured to recently receive the Ocean Cruising Club's  'Endurance Award'. I proudly share this award with my wife MaryLouise who has selflessly supported me through my triumphs and agonies over these many years and nautical miles, and … [Read More...]

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A few highlights from the Bay of Islands


It's difficult to sum up the magic of this leg of our journey.  Of course, just being together on WWII, sailing in the spectacular Bay of Islands is a long awaited dream. We were here in 1997 when the … [Read More...]

Closing in on NZ

Dec 31

 Happy New Year AllLat 34 52. 41S Long 172 08.51E Course 80 T Speed 6kts Wind N Waves NE 1 m Temp 18 C Cloud 100% Baro 1013 Miles in last 24 hrs: 130 nm Miles to Cape Reinga: 33.3All is well … [Read More...]

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Harnessing the beast

Dec 30

Dec 30It's truly amazing how the slightest change in wave pattern has such an impact on WW II's  course as well as her health and well being, not to mention the crew's health and well being. Last night I was caught with a rising wind around midnight. The trauma from WW II's 6+ knots of speed crashing through the big seas that … [Read More...]

Pelagic life off New Zealand

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 11.31.50 AM

Dec 29Progress here is painfully slow and it's beginning to wear on me so I'm trying to keep occupied. The wind has just stopped completely and we are becalmed. Once upon a time I could take this, no problem, but not so much now.I have been doing some research about these quick little birds that are the only birds around the … [Read More...]

Ever so slightly closer

Dec 28

 Thanks to Michael VK3LAN, ham radio operator 100 km north of Sydney, Australia who just sent me a message after chatting with Glenn on the radio. He reports his latest position, ever so slightly closer (at least on the map shown above).  To all the ham radio operators who are chatting with Glenn, I can't tell you how much … [Read More...]

Taking longer than expected …

Dec 24

Dec 24Fairly calm afternoon so I managed to get the main stitched up. I have come around to starboard tack and am heading north for the night to see if I can use the Northeast wind to get  some northing....It's almost 9:30 and the day has flown by. The wind died early this afternoon so I tackled the main sail and fortunately was … [Read More...]

Solstice in the Tasman Sea

Dec 23

Dec 23  Position: 37. 52 S, 157.37 EThe wind has been blowing hard here all afternoon and is supposed to increase before it lets up. The wind has pulled the sea up with it and the ride is very physical. I am exhausted and my nerves are a little frayed. There seems to be no let up. In one way it is fantastic as our progress … [Read More...]

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