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Threading my way home

Saturday, April 29, 2017 Position: 38.43 N, 140.57 W Having another great sail this afternoon (yesterday). Blue sky, sunny, steady wind, WW II sailing off the wind making good time on a great course. Looks like we are just threading our way … [Read More...]

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On to a new chart !

04:15 am Saturday April 29, 2017 I have just finished a tour of the deck and spent an hour and a half repairing a parted reefing line. Wind has died down a fair bit and we are down to 4.5 knots … [Read More...]


Great run last night. We are halfway home ! Lat 35.55 N Long 144.46 W course 045T Speed 6+knots Log: 1157 to go Distance in last 24 hrs: 150 nm Things are great on board tonight. I have a … [Read More...]

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Enjoying pleasant weather …for now

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Position: 33.45 N, 147. 61 W @ 20:45 Pacific Daylight Savings time It is a splendid afternoon, the sky is bright blue and the ocean a deep indigo. Our speed is not earth shattering but for a light ten knot breeze coming just off our stern starboard quarter we are doing a respectable 3-4 knots. … [Read More...]

Not a breath of wind or a ripple of sea

What a splendid morning, sun is just up over the edge of the pond. Not a ripple anywhere, the sea is molten mercury, we are waddling in a south west swell which we have been in all night. We have drifted three miles closer to home and by the looks of things, our prospects of going much further could be going only another three … [Read More...]

We’re working on it …

  We have a technical glitch at the moment. The result is the program that sends subscribers updates via email is not working. I've been working madly to try to fix it. I reached out to WordPress for help and the best I was offered was to post my problem to a public forum. This was after doing their updates!!! … [Read More...]

A fine balance

Monday, April 24, 2017 Tonight, I watched the blazing orb of the sun set for the second night in a row. It slipped quietly into the grey molten sea without a splash as if an act in a magic show. Without the light of day, night sailing takes on a rather white cane approach. All my senses are piqued and shift into another … [Read More...]

Waiting for my ride

Monday, April 24, 2017 Lat 30.56 N, Long 149. 36 W There is a draft wind from the south pushing us very slowly before it. It would seem the good sailing wind and I are just missing each other. I will spend another day practicing my light air sailing skills while trying to dodge the chafe on the lines that inevitability … [Read More...]

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