Day 105 Becalmed 15/12/13

 Dec 15, 2013Position: 31.15 S, 93.30 E

Dead calm since 10:00 pm last night. Very quiet, lots of reading and writing. Eggs are starting to go off in the heat, along with several cans. 

Course becalmed Speed 0 knots Wind  0knots Waves SE 3m Cloud 90% Temp 23 C Baro 1016 Miles in last 24hrs: 40 nm Volts 14.1 Water .5 litres (so far)



  1. marianne scott says:


    Too bad about the eggs. It’s amazing that you’ve kept any for so long. When we left for French Polynesia, so many years ago now, I went to Thrifty’s when they opened at 7:00 am. They allowed me to go through their newly arrived refrigerated eggs and hold them up to the fluorescent lights, our way of “candling” I guess. Anything with the slightest crack was put aside for their bakery and I ended up with 8 dozen eggs as whole as was possible. We took off and I didn’t vaseline or turn the eggs. Even six weeks later, I still used them without a single one having gone off. Of course, you’ve been out there much longer.

    When leaving Hawaii, no one allowed me to “candle.” Within the 3-week voyage home, many of the eggs spoiled. I was careful to break them one at the time so as not to spoil good ones with a bad one.

    I’m surprised your cans are going off. They should be hermetically sealed and anoxic. Must be tough to lose things you like to eat.

    I enjoy getting your announcements every day, Glen. Here’s wishing that all continues well and that your Christmas will be blessed with calls from home and hams.


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