Day 135 Approaching Fremantle, WA 1/14/14



Approaching Fremantle, Western Australia Jan 14, 2014





  1. Deb Carere says:

    What a wonderful birthday present for you MaryLou…..Happy Birthday to you and to Glenn….good on you mate! Now come to NZ for a hug from us! xox to you both

  2. Sonia Polson says:

    Congratulations on what you did accomplish!!! You have much to be proud of!

  3. Hello Glenn
    I have faithfully followed your journey through your beautiful, thoughtful post. Some days on the edge of my seat concerned for you, others in awe of what you are experiencing and always with appreciation of the efforts and strength your journey has required. I am filled with relief you are safe. May your head find comfortable acceptance with the change in your course. Congratulations on all you have accomplished. Sincerely, Connie

  4. Congratulations on your safe return. I’m glad you made it to Fremantle. My best to you and your wife.

  5. Hi Glenn The outcome wasn’t the way you hoped for but this has still been a great voyage to follow each day. Congratulations! Ken.

  6. Bob Cofer says:

    Now the scary journey starts! Welcome back skipper, perhaps we will meet one day here in the PNW.

  7. Alan Campbell says:

    Hooray for the team! It’s a victory when everyone is safe. Please keep the news coming.

  8. Well done Glenn. Time for a cold one! John

  9. Dama Hanks says:

    Have really enjoyed te journey with you- have a good rest! xox

  10. WooHooo! Welcome ashore Capt’n Wakefield! So happy you are safely back from the wild ocean. Congratulations to both Glenn and Marylou for this epic journey. Can’t wait to hear all about it in person. Thanks for sharing it all with us Marylou!

  11. SUsan Bassett says:

    Wowser! Amazing journey! So very glad you are safe!!!!!!

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