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Update on Glenn

September 18 @ 19:00 This update is from MaryLou, Glenn's wife, and our two daughters Claire and Nicola from our home in Victoria. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude for your messages and all the support from so many friends … [Read More...]

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Thursday, Sept 17, 13:30 Glenn has sent a message asking for medical assistance. We are in communication with the US Coast Guard who is at this moment providing support. Please hold Glenn in … [Read More...]

It’s getting real

Day 9 Sept 14 39.24 N, 131.45 @ 14:15 6.5 knots Recovering from my first full gale last night. All is well and no gear broken, or bones! I have to admit I should have just chosen the other tack … [Read More...]

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Arrived in Victoria

May 7, 2017 @03:30 Glenn arrived safe and sound at 3:30 this morning. He had an epic transit of the Straits of Juan de Fuca in about 12 hours and at times sailing over 9 knots. He's glad to be home with loved ones in this beautiful place.   … [Read More...]

The Home Stretch

May 6 @ 20:45 I'm having an amazing run down the Straits. Visibility is great and not too much traffic. An incredible sail to finish off a great passage. The sun is low in the sky and the moon is up. Both shores are extremely beautiful in this early evening light. I'm very tired but having the sail of my life. I feel … [Read More...]

Land Ho!

Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ o9:40 I am about 35 miles off the coast and I'm not alone. Just past the "Dora Mae" an old west coast troller. I spoke, I should say shouted, "Good Morning" to the two fellows baiting a long line out the stern to the flock of waiting sooty Albatross, must be a least one hundred of them, some … [Read More...]

MacGyver is at it again

May 5, 2017 I believe I have jury rigged a support for the engine. I've managed to lift the one corner that has the broken engine bracket sufficiently to allow me to run the engine in gear for short periods of time. That will definitely come in handy as I transit the shipping lane don the Straits. Not a permanent fix but … [Read More...]

Signs that land is not far off

May 5, 2017 08:20 am Position: Lat 46 31 Long 128 11  Temp 53 F The sun is up, albeit behind some very billowy clouds. The seas are still mountainous and the wind blowing hard. Good for making volts, not so good for standing up. My bunk is by far the most comfortable and warmest place be. If all goes well, we should be … [Read More...]

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