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Update on Glenn and Go Fund Me Campaign

September 21, 2020 @1800 MaryLou and the girls would like to begin by thanking all of you who have reached out with support. We are feeling comforted by your kindness. We would like to update you on Glenn's status. Glenn is currently … [Read More...]

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Update on Glenn

September 18 @ 19:00 This update is from MaryLou, Glenn's wife, and our two daughters Claire and Nicola from our home in Victoria. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude for your … [Read More...]


Thursday, Sept 17, 13:30 Glenn has sent a message asking for medical assistance. We are in communication with the US Coast Guard who is at this moment providing support. Please hold Glenn in … [Read More...]

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Day 16 A shift in time 9/17/13

   26 29.3 N, 137 52.7 W @ 10:20 PDT Going like a train this morning. The wind shifted numerous times over night and there were some strong squalls and intense rain. I was up many times trimming sails and readjusting the vane. We're on port tack so I'm sleeping in the starboard bunk which is a little wider than the port bunk. … [Read More...]

Day 15 Wing-on-Wing 9/16/13

 27 53.1 N, 136.49 W @ 12:00 PDT Currently sailing wing-on-wing with a double reefed main at 6 knots. Wind is 15 knots from the North, waves are 1.5 metres from the Northwest. Temperature is 25 C with 80% overcast sky. A container ship 'Horizon Passage' from San Diego bound for Hawaii came up my port side at 20 knots around … [Read More...]

Day 15 Dark Blue Sea 9/16/13

  27 57.9 N, 136 31.7 W @10:20 PDT Week 3 Dark Blue Sea Dark blue sea rippled by a 10-knot warm SW breeze Aero Gen 4 silently making hydro West Wind II like a race horse sliding gently but purposefully over a two meter beam sea Another plastic fish float anchored by its growing community of hitchhiking sea … [Read More...]

Day 14 Making a compromise September 15, 2013

  28 22.1 N, 134 40.7 W @ 12:00 PDT It's a beautiful day, the wind is light, maybe 10 knots.  The wind and waves are at very awkward angles today. To make my best course I would like to run down wind but because the waves are off the stern quarter WW II wants to cork screw and there is not enough wind in the sails to … [Read More...]

Day 13 Sunrise parade September 14, 2013

  30 11.37 N, 132'56.01 W @0:7:44 PDT The early morning sun silhouettes a parade of over-sized balloon cloud characters that the west wind has filled in through the night. There are some familiar shapes - huge squirrels, an elephant, and many fat snakes - some flat, some grotesquely coiled around prehistoric beasts on three … [Read More...]

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