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Love and hope is holding us together

Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020 Sunset cruise on West Wind II , April 2020 Glenn remains in critical but stable condition in the ICU and is expected to be ready for transfer to Victoria within 5 - 7 days, god willing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the … [Read More...]

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Update on Glenn and Go Fund Me Campaign

September 21, 2020 @1800 MaryLou and the girls would like to begin by thanking all of you who have reached out with support. We are feeling comforted by your kindness. We would like to … [Read More...]

Update on Glenn

September 18 @ 19:00 This update is from MaryLou, Glenn's wife, and our two daughters Claire and Nicola from our home in Victoria. Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude for your … [Read More...]

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Thursday, Sept 17, 13:30 Glenn has sent a message asking for medical assistance. We are in communication with the US Coast Guard who is at this moment providing support. Please hold Glenn in your thoughts. We are all hoping for the best. We will provide updates when they are available. … [Read More...]

It’s getting real

Day 9 Sept 14 39.24 N, 131.45 @ 14:15 6.5 knots Recovering from my first full gale last night. All is well and no gear broken, or bones! I have to admit I should have just chosen the other tack and headed for shore. I'm headed back to where I started yesterday afternoon. Once I had committed last night conditions quickly … [Read More...]

First blow

Sunday, Sept 13 @ 21:35 39.39 N, 130.77 W 5.4 knots There's  nothing quite like your first blow to find all the chinks in your armour. It's blowing pretty hard out there and has been for most of today. I have three reefs in the main and the working jib rolled in a little way past the last black reefing stripes. We are … [Read More...]

Heading in to a low pressure area

Recording barograph measures atmospheric pressure Day 8 Sunday, Sept 13 @ 08:13 40.01 N, 129.96 W Glenn is still experiencing communications difficulties on WestWind II so daily updates are minimal for the time being. "Nice to have weather report. Big low moving in below me so decided to chill last night and move on … [Read More...]


Day 7 Saturday, Sept 12 @ 09:28 40.20 N, 130.31 W Glenn is experiencing challenges with his communications systems which means that his updates via email have been sparse. We are working on helping him sort out the issues and hopefully he will be able to provide regular updates soon. He has a handheld GPS device on board … [Read More...]

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