Day 32 Approaching the Islands 02/10/13

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Position: 01. 25 S, 153. 39 W @16:10 UTC

Could you hear the merriment from the ‘crossing the line’ party last night? It wasn’t a flash affair – no one got their head shaved or had to eat soap, but I did make a toast to King Neptune and ask for safe passage through his Kingdom. The first sunrise in the Southern Hemisphere was a broad display filling the eastern sky and radiating under a long band of cloud and beaming out through the top. The winds are still steady and I’ve now taken the evening reef out of the main and we are sliding along at  7+ kts. We are 250 miles north of out first way point gate off Malden Island which we hope to leave to starboard,then set a course for the South Cape off Stewart Island, the southern most tip of New Zealand, the first of the five great capes that we must pass under to qualify as a true circumnavigation. The distance to the South Cape is about 4000 nm in a straight line and at our average speed, we should get there at the end of October. This is an interesting passage as it takes us through the many South Pacific Island groups many of which we visited as a family in our Haida 26′ Sannu II in 1997 while en route to NZ.


Wakefield family, Bora Bora lagoon, 1997

Bora Bora July 1997 at the beginning of our year-long offshore adventure. Glenn got a slight head start on his tropical tan during his 60 day solo passage to Tahiti.


I have a few important jobs to tend to today. At the top of the list is a very persistent leak somewhere that’s making a fair bit of water in the bilge. I was was totally surprised yesterday afternoon to open the floor boards and find water at the level of the engine! I pumped over 50 pumps this morning to clear it.  One good thing is that it is not fresh water so it’s is not coming from my water tanks. I suspect the culprit is the bushing around the propeller shaft.    


Course: 206 T Speed: 7kts Wind:10-15 E Waves: 1.5 m E Cloud: 40% Bar 1010 Temp 30 C Miles in last 24 hrs: 150 nm



  1. Say Glenn, how do you keep your beer cold or do you have to drink it warm like in NZ?

  2. Good deduction that would be the first place I would look. The picture reminds me of our crossing in 2010-2011 from Fort Lauderdale to New Zealand! Beautiful Bora Bora lots of good memories. Enjoy the warmth and send some this way! Marie-Andree

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