Day 8 Start of Week 2 September 9, 2013

 Day 8 Sept 9, 2013

37. 05 N, 131. 55 W @12:00 PDT @ 0:8:00 PDT

Week 2 Lovely weather here – mild, sun just burning through, wind still from behind. Doing 7+ kts. Was late getting to bed last night -up reading. Will have to have a nap this afternoon. 

Heading: 204 true. 
Boat speed: 7+ knots. 
Wind: 15 – 20 N
Waves: 3 metres
Sky: Partly sunny
Mood: Up


  1. Edward King says

    Good Luck on your journey; it will be an experience of a lifetime. I’m sure you will grow in both spirit, and confidence, as you travel the world. A trip like yours, can’t help but give you a deeper more profound appreciation of the sea, and the wonders of the natural world. Be safe, and may God watch over you on your voyage.

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