Day 1 The Send off September 2, 2013


18:20 48 16. 94 N 123 34. 8 W

18:20 PDT 48 16. 94 N 123 34. 8 W

  48 16. 94 N  123 34. 8 W @18:20 PDT

After a fantastic send off at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club where dozens of friends and family and well wishers showed up to cheer him on, Glenn let go the lines and set sail at 13:00 PST. 

Tony Gooch, who completed a single-handed non-stop circumnavigation east about in 2003, is officiating Glenn’s attempt. Tony set the official start time at 15:37 PDT ( 23:37 UTC) September 2, 2013. Tony writes “West Wind II crossed the start line, a line drawn almost due south from the prominent post on the north side of Trial Island and the Lighthouse on Trial Island.”

Glenn Wakefield departs from Cadboro Bay, Sept 2, 2013

Waving goodbye from West Wind II. Photo: Sandy Beaman


He sailed out of Cadboro Bay in a light breeze and rounded Trial Island where he caught 10 – 15 knots of wind. He was doing a steady 7 knots all the way out to Albert Head and came through Race Passage at 18:00 doing 9 knots.

Sept 2 approaching Trial Island

Heading out the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Photo: Sandy Beaman

On a satellite phone from the cockpit, Glenn reports a beautiful sunny evening, a steady 10 – 15 knot breeze, the wind generator humming overhead, and very little traffic in the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

He was taking it easy after a more than hectic schedule over the past weeks and months, and had just finished a bowl of his Mom’s macaroni and cheese. He said he was wearing his safety harness and sunglasses, two things he promised to do.

Thanks to everyone who came by to give him a royal send off and to those who sent emails and left messages on the blog. All in all, a fantastic start. 

Read the CBC News WorldHuffington Post story. Watch the Global news clip.
To listen to the CBC interview, click on the play button below.



  1. Great boat, great sailing and great a inspiration, Glen.

  2. Happy sails, Glenn! Looking forward to following your journey!

  3. Bill and Tracey says

    We will follow you every step of the way!
    So proud to know you….stay safe my friend!

  4. Glenn, you and West Wind 2 looked fabulous sailing out the harbour. We’re all with you in
    spirit and sending fair winds. xx

  5. Glenn, so excited you are continuing to follow this dream of yours. I look forward to following the blog. Praying for a safe voyage!
    Nikki (not sure you remember me I work at Ocean River back in the day :)

    Chilliwack, BC

  6. Terry Trapnell says

    Good luck , will be following your journey with much interest ! Smooth sailing !

  7. Hi MaryLou,

    Big day! Congratulations on a great send off!
    I will go share this with our readers in Facebook ;-)

  8. Have a safe and memorable trip Glenn. I love to sail and I can’t wait to read about your adventure!

    Full Sails!

  9. Alan Campbell says

    Congratulations to Glenn and team! This is something most of us only dream, but you are taking it on. I have read of such voyages and just hope to hear of trials and tribulations but ultimately victory in this magnificent undertaking.

  10. Fair winds Glenn!

  11. Glenn!!⚓
    Fair Winds and Following Seas.⛵
    Helena. Nameste

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