Day 100 Heading to 30 South 10/12/13

Dec 10, 2013

Position: 31.53 S, 101.12 E 

All is well. Trying to go north and west, to get to 30 S. Gradually making it with steady progress and many course adjustments through the night. Lots of waves to keep us on our toes and hanging on.  

Course 310 T Speed 5.5 knots Wind E 10 Waves SE 2 metres Cloud 100% Temp 16 C Baro 1024 Volts 12.6




  1. Richard MacLeod says

    Incredible journey! I’ll have a beer toasting your fantastic achievement! Toast to you! Stay thirsty my friend!

  2. Hello Glenn. I’m not a sailor but wish I could have been. I get seasick unfortunately. Nonetheless, I have admired the courage of those who undertake this amazing journey upon which you have embarked. I check my email every day for your updates. I have read every book I can find over the years and know that without exception, all have declared the Southern Ocean as the most dangerous and lonely part of the journey. Be careful Glenn and the best of luck. Don Kleim Nanaimo, BC

  3. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn HAPPY 100 DAY!!!! 100 DAYS.-45 C with the windchill here on the prairies. CONGRATULATIONS and we are cheering you on. pat and fred

  4. Fay McCannell says

    Hello Glenn: Yours is the first mail I read each day. From the deep freeze of the Canadian prairies I am following your journey and inspiring daily accounts with great interest.

  5. Patrick Dickie says

    Congratulations on 100 days at sea! Quite a milestone on a truly wonderful voyage – many thanks for sharing it. All the very best for continued safe travels.

  6. Glenn I’m trying to get my head around the fact that you have been travelling ALONE for 100 days. Other explorers came in groups- the voyageurs, Christopher Columbus, Scott of the Antarctic? Arctic? Sure you have a computer and phone, but they are not always connecting, and you must make all the decisions for your life.

  7. Alan Campbell says

    Happy Hundred Days! Into the triple digits now…hope it feels good.

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