Day 101 Heading west 11/12/13

Dec 11:2013Position: 30.39 S, 99.23 E

We’re at 30 S, one week and 900 nm after leaving Cape Leeuwin. When the wind fills in, we will head west god willing. Extreme pain in my elbow last night. Had to take pain killers to put it down. It must be my exercise program. I’ll have to make some modifications. Woke to find quilted sky broken with morning sun rise. Rain had fallen during the night and is still around in the clouds on the horizon. I will try and get some in the tanks if at all possible. Motion is very lively this morning. Wind steady, hopefully for the next full day. Miss our phone chats M.

Course 330 T Speed 5 knots Wind E 10-15 Waves 2-3metres Cloud 60% Temp 16 C Baro 1021 Volts 12.7


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