Day 103 Ghosting along 13/12/13

Dec 13, 2013Position: 30.41 S, 96.34 E

01:00 am. WW II is ghosting along at 2.5 knots in a very very light Southeasterly breeze. The moon is above the light quilted night sky. The sea is calm. It is dry, no dew, and mild 20 C. I am sitting comfortably in the cockpit in my night fleece amazed by how WW II is making progress in the light breeze. We have covered 20 miles in the last six hours. This calm is supposed to last till 10:00 am. At some point I’ll take the sails down as the slatting grows more destructive and forward motion is reduced to about 1 knot. Then we will lie quietly till the wind returns. Thinking of you out here in the quiet warm Indian Ocean in the middle of the night.

The morning has dawned and we are taking advantage of a fresh breeze from the Northeast. We’re moving along at a good speed over fairly calm seas. A nice ride.

Course 275 T Speed 5 knots Wind NE 10 knots Waves NE 1-2 metres Cloud 100% Temp 19 C Baro 1017 Volts 12.7



  1. Kath and Jeff Ward says

    Hi Glenn
    We are enjoying your posts each day and tracking your progress. Some days I think of you often and wonder how you are surviving with all of the challenges you continually face. But your poetic descriptions make it sound amazing! The only sailing I’ve ever done is when we rafted our kayak to yours in the Broken Islands and took 2 boats full of little kids on an exhilarating ride! We are cheering you on and wishing you a merry windy Christmas! The 4 Wards

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Wilderness camping and kayak sailing in the Broken Group… with children. Man, we were adventurous. Those were special times and some of our most cherished moments with our kids for sure. Can’t be sure if Glenn is enjoying his current sailing any more than those carefree days to be honest. Thanks for the message you four. I’ll send it to him and wish you all a wonderful Christmas right back. ML and G

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