Day 104 All about water 14/12/13

Dec 14, 2013Position: 30.36 S, 95.55 E

The scale of the sky is completely awesome and I have the feeling of the universe about me. I feel like the speck of sand under this galactic canopy that stretches off into space. It’s warm tonight and I’m sitting here in my T shirt gazing into the night sky illuminated by the moon as West Wind gently gives way to the low swell. There are bands of open sky speckled with stars. The steady movement south of the great bands of cloud give the sky life, it moves perceptively past the face of the moon driven by quiet forces and energy beyond comprehension. I feel relaxed watching this great scene unfold around me.

Today, I had visions of running out of water and making a plan about how to solve it.  The water will come, I’m sure. I haven’t collected any water in the last month and a half and I am a bit concerned.  I have no idea where or when the next rain is coming from. There are rain clouds on the horizon right now, it’s just that at these latitudes, they don’t have much water in them.  Running out of water is not an option. 

I’m very lucky to have some wonderful, knowledgeable and caring people out there to help me work through this problem and a plan is starting to come together.First thing is, I will restrict my water consumption to 3 litres a day for cooking and drinking. I have about 25 gallons or 100 litres, so 30 days of water or 2500 miles of cruising. There are plenty of lows to the south with rain associated with them, so I will head south and pick up several of them to top up my tanks. Many people have come together to help me and I’m very grateful for their concern and help. We still have to put the water in the tanks but we have a plan and that’s what’s important. 

I was tired and ready for sleep but now I could stay up all night and watch the sky energized by its sheer scale and heavenly beauty. I once again have the best seat in the house for this galactic show. My words fail miserably short of conveying the true scale of the magnificent beauty of scene above me. 

Course 226 T Speed 5 knots Wind NW 10 -15 Waves NW 1m Cloud 40% Temp 24 C Baro 1014 Volts 14.4



  1. Alex Laframbosie says

    I’m wondering what site you use to determine what the satellite weather is forecasting? I have been looking over a few and don’t think I’m looking at the correct one. Good luck in finding a water solution to your diminishing water supply.

  2. Water conservation. Notes from someone who learned through trial and error (as I know you have with many more days of experience. However here goes. Brush teeth in salt water; boil any non absorbent vegetables in salt water. Avoid rice if possible because it uses so much fresh water. Obviously all cleansing of body and everything else with salt water. I recall using only two liters of water when I was at sea but I could be mistaken. For smaller water collections have a special sail that you will not need usually, clean it with dew or light rain and keep it below but ready to be suspended separated from the other sails with a funnel and dedicated container. This can give you smaller volumes of ‘almost perfect’ water that can supplement cooking use where slight amounts of salt can be tolerated.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Michael. Good suggestions. I’ll send them along. At the moment he has “scotch mist” at best which is difficult to collect so he’ll be heading south looking for real rain and can hopefully collect enough to fill up. All the best. MaryLou

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