Day 105 Becalmed 15/12/13

 Dec 15, 2013Position: 31.15 S, 93.30 E

Dead calm since 10:00 pm last night. Very quiet, lots of reading and writing. Eggs are starting to go off in the heat, along with several cans. 

Course becalmed Speed 0 knots Wind  0knots Waves SE 3m Cloud 90% Temp 23 C Baro 1016 Miles in last 24hrs: 40 nm Volts 14.1 Water .5 litres (so far)



  1. marianne scott says


    Too bad about the eggs. It’s amazing that you’ve kept any for so long. When we left for French Polynesia, so many years ago now, I went to Thrifty’s when they opened at 7:00 am. They allowed me to go through their newly arrived refrigerated eggs and hold them up to the fluorescent lights, our way of “candling” I guess. Anything with the slightest crack was put aside for their bakery and I ended up with 8 dozen eggs as whole as was possible. We took off and I didn’t vaseline or turn the eggs. Even six weeks later, I still used them without a single one having gone off. Of course, you’ve been out there much longer.

    When leaving Hawaii, no one allowed me to “candle.” Within the 3-week voyage home, many of the eggs spoiled. I was careful to break them one at the time so as not to spoil good ones with a bad one.

    I’m surprised your cans are going off. They should be hermetically sealed and anoxic. Must be tough to lose things you like to eat.

    I enjoy getting your announcements every day, Glen. Here’s wishing that all continues well and that your Christmas will be blessed with calls from home and hams.


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