Day 106 Rain dance 16/12/13

Dec 16, 2013Position: 31. 19 S, 92. 54 E

UPDATE:  We are moving along nicely at the moment – no sea, good breeze, great speed and good course heading. Comfortable ride.

The sea is like liquid mercury stretched over the skin of a heaving monster. It’s an amazing scene and it’s been that way since last night. There is the odd zephyr of breeze, but fleeting. The swells are more impressive in the calm than the storm. I think it may be like this for several days.

Note: Ron Kolody advises Glenn:  “You are in a ‘shear zone’, between the Tropical Cyclones (TC) in the North and the equally violent run-of-the-mill storms in the 40s. You’re in the calm before the storm. Currently, the satellite shows that everything will fill in Wednesday at about 01:00, your time. The Tropical Cyclone (TC1) is still forming at 10 S 80 E. Its current forecast path will take it to 25 S 68 E by next Saturday evening. A second Tropical Cyclone (TC2) is due to form tomorrow morning, at 08 S 95 E. Its current forecast path will take it to 18 S 82 E by next Saturday evening. The edge of a nice little Tropical Cyclone may be the answer to your water problem.  Next Wednesday, you will have the sustained winds to take you South into the Southern Ocean storms, if that is necessary.” 

Wednesday could bring some wind from the east. I hope the rain and wind are coming soon so we can move on and, I hope it is more than the scotch mist of the last few days.

If you know a good rain dance … now is the time! 

Course 270 T Speed 3.5 knots Wind N 5-10 Waves SW 2m Cloud 100% Temp 24 C Baro 1017  Miles in last 24hrs: 29 nm Volts 14.1 Range to half way: 1713 nm


  1. Outstanding post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.

  2. Dumb question department. How do you sleep safely when you are all alone? Any chance of getting run down during the night?

  3. Glenn for anyone who thinks that sailing alone around the world means countless days of the same sea and sky scapes blurring one into another, your blog is wonderfully educational. You manage to convey your surroundings, experiences and emotions in such finely crafted entries that we, your ‘followers’ are treated to a daily page turner. Thank you for the effort you put into that mate! Wishing you fresh wind and water soon!

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Peter. I think you’re right. He’s always had an impressive ability to see (and feel) things around him and, this time around he’s finding his voice and expressing himself in ways we haven’t seen before and … loving it.

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