Day 108 Winlink station down 18/12/13

Dec 18, 2013Position: 31.15 S, 91.06 E

My Winlink station in Western Australia is down today so I have not been able to get my email out til late in the afternoon, early evening and there’s nothing I can do about it. Alek said he would speak to them and see if they could get it up and running soon. I feel a bit panicky when I can’t send my messages out to you right away and most of all not get any back til much later but that’s the way it is. I’ll have to get used to it. Getting mail from you in the morning is such a nice way to start my day. I have been reading all day as we roll along down wind. I’ve been trying to relax today as I was up late last night and early this morning sending email.

West Wind is doing fine sailing along and has been on course all day and hopefully all night as well. The sky is filled with puffy white clouds, no rain clouds to chase today. While I was becalmed, I noticed WW II has some growth on her bottom. Not as much as Kim Chow had for the same time period. Perhaps the warm water encouraged more growth. I’m surprised how bony I’m getting. I eat very well so I’m healthy, just no extra weight. I’ve been making videos quite regularly. They’re good in fact, at least I think so. The content is so unique. I start out videoing the scene and then turn the camera on myself and explain what’s going on. What do you think we can do with all of them? 

The sun is low in the sky and the ocean sparkles across the waves. Tonight is a full moon. I will be thinking of you. Hope you are doing well. Missing you as much as ever sweetheart.

It is midnight here on the Indian ocean just got up to go on deck and water my horse. What a sight to behold. A bright full moon fills the night sky with soft light and a warm breeze blows through my hair and ruffles my tee shirt. I’m standing in the cockpit riding WW II down the waves at a good speed. It makes my heart soar. These are heady days, warm, dry, down wind sailing so much for beating into the head winds of the southern ocean. You are right about the connection and the ebb and flow of emotion and feelings between couples who have been together for 30 + years, and being apart. We’re lucky we have a good bank of memories. I am going back to bed now and dream of you.  

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Course 290 T Speed 4.8 kts Wind SE 10-15 knots Waves SE 2 m Cloud 60 % Temp 24 C Baro 1020 Miles in last 24hrs: 80 nm Volts 14.10


  1. susan grant says

    Hi Marylou and Glenn, He starts his day with all your emails and we say goodnight to him following his progress. We know what a connection you both have and that will make him stronger. We are always so amazed at all his comments having been there ourselves but always as a couple. Wish Glenn and your family a very Merry Christmas and I hope he likes the wee package we sent him. Tell him to stay strong. We send our love and best wishes for a safe journey. Love Ian and Susan, Rebel X

  2. Hi Glenn – it’s wonderful to see the great progress you have made in recent days! When you return home, I do hope that you will consider writing a book about your adventures and perhaps embark on a lecture series? We’ll be the first in line for tickets!

  3. Malcolm Smith says

    Hi Glenn Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you remembered your turkey and cranberry sauce. I read your blog everyday first thing. Sounds like things are pretty good with you. Keep safe and enjoy. Look forward to you returning home. All the best, Malcolm

  4. Hi Glenn,
    You are making great progress. Your note today sounded like you had a pleasant day. Keep it up my friend. I will be thinking of you as we head to Christmas. Best, Jim

  5. Peter H A Muller says

    Hi Glenn
    Just found your website and I am really enjoying it. You are doing a really nice sailing trip. Inspirational! How are you and the boat holding-up? If I get back into sailing, once the kids are out of the house, I also would do plenty of solo sailing so your blog is very helpful to me. I am based in Cape Town. When will you be sailing past us? What do you think about this … If you give me a specific date and time (local SA time) I will – at that specific time – turn south, raise my glass, and drink a toast to you. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your journey. Best wishes, Peter in Cape Town

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Peter and welcome aboard. Keep following the blog and you’ll know exactly when he sails passed Cape of Good Hope. His ham radio operator is stationed in Simonstown, SA and will do a terrific job of keeping track of him. I’m sure you’ll be joined by many others in toasting his rounding of the 4th great cape. Four down, one more to go,, Stay tuned …

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