Day 109 Feeling healthy 19/12/13

Dec 19, 2013Position: 30.19 S, 88.50 E

Sun has just gone down and it feels like a long day. I’m up at 0430 and it’s now 1940 (0545 Victoria,BC time, and 1345 Zulu.)

I’ve set the rig up for the night so I should be fine until morning. It is so unexpected to be sailing in this kind of weather at this point of the voyage and quite different than last time for sure. Very humid on deck this evening, the decks are wet to the touch. It has been a hot day and I have spent a lot of time below decks to stay cool.  I open the hatch in the main salon about four inches and lie on the bunk dressed in shorts. The sea is relatively calm, 1-1.5 metres, and because the wind is aft of the beam 10-15 knots, the motion is not bad. I am so used to it now that when I’m in my bunk, I don’t feel any motion at all. All I have to do is look aft through the hatch into the cockpit and see the motion and it is quite significant.

A word about food. I’m feeling very healthy and that’s in part due to my food which is excellent quality. I don’t eat much in the way of meat, but I do eat lots of grains, oats, rice, couscous, quinoa and granola. It’s keeping me going every day. My heartfelt thanks to all of the generous food suppliers who provided me with a lot of my food for this voyage and to PSC Natural Foods for bringing them all together.

Well there is very little left of dusk. The stars are coming out and the moon will be with me within the hour. I’m very sleepy so I going to brush my teeth and go to bed. I will take the sunny thoughts of you to bed with me tonight. 

Heading  275 Boat speed  5 knots Wind  N 10 knots Swell N 1.5 m Cloud  40% Temp  28 C Barometer 1020 Miles in last 24 hours: 115nm 



  1. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn It is a privilege to say “good night” Glenn. And “thank you” Marylou. Thinking of both of you at this time. Merry Christmas. Cheers, Pat and Fred

  2. Alan Campbell says

    Thank you so much for sharing what are intimate emails with us out here. I for one will respect Glenn’s messages like confidences of a close friend. They will provide invaluable resources for what will, I really hope, be a super book about the voyage of Glenn and West Wind II. I am spellbound by this daily sharing of a fantastic and arduous voyage.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Alan. There is indeed a book in the works and it’s being added to daily. Thanks very much for your interest. ML

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