Day 110 Quiet night 20/12/13

Dec 20 2013Position: 31.05 S, 84.53 E

All is well. A quiet night. 

The wind has increased to just over 10 knots which is good because the wind vane works better in more than 5 knots especially if we are off the wind. The speed of the boat (3 knots) is subtracted from the actual wind speed (5 knots) which leaves only 2 knots of wind to drive the vane which is not really enough.

On deck, the stars are filling the sky right down to the water and an egg shaped moon is rising bathed in amber light. A soft light is reflected across the water right to the edge of West Wind II. The stars are bright and the milky way is just becoming apparent as a cloud filled with the dust of a billion planets. I just made myself a Nutella filled pancake as a snack before bed.  And another day of voyaging on the ocean comes to a spectacular end as I lay me down to sleep.

Earlier, I caught sight of 10-15 dolphin feeding about 500 metres off our port side. 

Course 240 T Speed 3.7 knots Wind NW 10 knots Waves swell N 2 metres Cloud 60% Temp 22 C Baro 1021



  1. richard macleod says

    Well nothing but snow here on the south coast of Van Island which is indeed rare! Go West Young Man and Prosper!

  2. Thanks Glenn for the new idea for using Nutella! It sounds as if you are doing great and that is what we want. Have a good sail. Arlene (Roberts Creek, BC)

  3. Douglas Adkins says

    Glenn A lovely post today. Thanks and hope that the breeze builds just a bit and the water holds out until the next rain. Keep up the good work and God speed. Doug

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