Day 111 Making good time South 21/12/13

Dec 21, 2013

Position: 32.18 S,  83.18 E

Nice quiet night we are making good time on a Southerly course in order to side step a tropical cyclone (TC) that will be here Christmas morning. It may in fact change course but just in case I am moving south as fast as I can. I am not too worried about the TC as it is not too strong but better to avoid it if possible. Sun is coming up with all its drama and beauty. I am feeling the effects of the storm in the form of bigger seas coming from that direction.

Course 200T Speed 5 knots Wind N 10-15 Waves N 2 metres Cloud 60% Temp 23 C Baro 1017 Volts 12.7



  1. Alan Strickland says

    Hello Glenn and Marylou May the fates keep smiling on you and may your courage and spirit continue to overcome the challenges ahead. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with sailors and landlubbers alike! Alan and Marylou Strickland Victoria, BC

  2. Wade Karmann says

    MaryLou & Glenn
    It’s been so inspirational to read your posts this fall! I keep my family up to date on your progress at the dinner table and it often spawns conversations about courage and adventures. There’s so much more to the world than what I see covered in snow in Calgary. Thank you both for sharing this with us. Wade

  3. Good to hear you’re moving away from the cyclone at a good pace. Hope it passes well to the north of you. Stay safe and happy holidays. Ellen

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