Day 112 Tropical Cyclone 22/12/13

Dec 22, 2013 Position: 32.51 S, 83.05 E

I’m starting to see and feel the effects of the tropical cyclone (TC). We are running south as best we can to avoid any direct contact with the storm and we are making good time 5.5- 6 knots . We have a double reefed yankee poled out to the port side and a triple reefed main on the same side with preventers and vangs on so the sails are secured in place. We are running just off the North wind on a course of 205 True. The sky is mainly clear with wispy high clouds coming from the northwest. Most noticeable is the build up of swells, very impressive and lots of power. They’re are relentless in their march. The waves from the north are 2 metres but the swells from the Northwest are 3-4 metres and it is quite a sight as there are many small breaking waves on the swells. West Wind II is handling them well, rolling back and forth yielding to the great waves coming up behind us.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.31.30 PM


Visit earth wind map to get an animated look at what’s happening in oceans around the world. The small green circle on the map above is Glenn’s approximate position. 

Every once in a while, a wave dumps some water in the cock pit or on deck.  I have her under short sail at the moment so she is not at all over powered in this 15 knot wind. The next sail reduction will be to roll in some more Yankee. I’d like to keep our speed around 5 – 6 knots so we are still making time south.  The air temperature is a little cooler today. I started moving South a couple of days ago in anticipation of this TC and have come down two and a half degrees of latitude since then. My best guess is I can move south at about 1 –  1  1/2 degrees every 24 hrs. The TC is due to arrive at 35 S, 80 E  on Christmas morning but could and most likely will change course over the next few days. Going south will put me in a better position either way. Looking at the weather grib files gives a very graphic picture of the storm. shows it well. I feel fine about our strategy and will just keep moving south as best I can.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.46.17 PM

I’m reading Painted House by John Grisham at the moment and have a good pot of stew on the stove so I have done all I can and will wait to see how things look when I get my next weather update from Ron in about twelve hours. Till then I will try to relax and read a book and watch out for chafe on the lines and keep the waves that are trying to get on board.

I am well and in good spirits and am thinking of you sweetheart wishing with all my heart I was there with you.

Course 195 T Speed 4.5 knots Wind N 10 knots Waves NW 3m Cloud 30% Temp 27 C Baro 1014 Miles in last 24hrs: 85 nm Volts 14.1



  1. Hi Glenn In case the mail is a bit slow we wanted to send our best wishes and Christmas greetings from Bellingham. We’re enjoying your daily reports. Keep up the good work. Doug & Margie

  2. Well Glenn, you couldn’t be physically further away from us for Christmas. But you are spiritually just a room away from us. We will see MaryLou and Nicola on Christmas Eve and I will give them a big hug from you. You are on our minds every day, and when we wake up Christmas morning I will envisage you passing the half way mark very soon.
    Happy Christmas wishes from the Houston clan

  3. Checking my calendar I see that tomorrow is probably Christmas Eve in your part of the world Glenn. Really look forward to your daily update. Best wishes to you Glenn and Marylou and continued successful sailing. Ken.

  4. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn Your posts describe the ultimate love story. In many ways. Pat and Fred

  5. Bill and Tracey says

    “The Painted House” is a wonderful book. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I. Glenn, just wanted to return your warm thoughts. We are with you all the way! Merry Christmas our friend. There is a plate set at our table in your honour. All our love, Bill and Tracey (and my sister Linda)

  6. Georgina and Lawrence says

    Sending Christmas holiday cheer to you, MaryLou, Glenn, Claire and Nicola, and to the community of Glenn Trackers around the world brought together by this tremendous endeavour. A special toast to you, Glenn, and best wishes for continued safe travels.

  7. I loved that book. Read it twice so far and enjoyed it both times. I wish everybody a very good Christmas and fair winds.

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