Day 113 Light breeze, large swells 23/12/13

Dec 23, 2013Position: 33.55 S,  83.37 E

Thanks for the email updates, they are like gold to me. They nourish my sagging spirit.

Watching “Bruce”, along with the inability to send or receive email has caused some drama over the last few days. My weather reports tell me to not be overly worried …but I am keeping an eye over my shoulder. I am at the moment, becalmed in very light breezes and rather large swells. I am forever having to be patient and tell myself that there is nothing I can  do when the wind is not there. 

I’m glad I got water when I did as we have not had any rain since. We are rolling really badly right now and this is hard to do. It keeps skipping to some other place on the page and I have to rescue it. I am so thankful we have this technology though and can’t imagine not having it!

I saw my first Albatross in the Indian Ocean this afternoon. He landed for a short time. I think it was a Royal. Because there is not enough wind to sail at the moment, I have been going over the boat checking the rigging and doing small jobs like mending lines and checking my storm gear. I also have the sleeping bag on deck to air out as I have been using it lately because the sheep skin is a little hot. It has cooled off today so I will be snuggling into the sheep skin tonight.

I’m excited to open my presents from all of you. Thank you so much.  

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.04.58 PM


Lots of wave action from the North and the South. Great news… it seems VK6KPS (Winkink station) is back on line. 

Course 255 T Speed  5 knots Wind S 10-15  Waves N 3m S 2m Cloud 65 % Temp 22 C Baro 1018 Miles in last 24 hrs: 60 nm Volts 13.10


  1. Linda Newland says

    Merry Christmas, Glenn and MaryLou. Keep up your spirits Glenn as your audience out here is behind you and lives for every word you share. Having singlehanded the Pacific from SF to Japan, when I hear about your wind speed ups and downs, it brings back all of those frustrating feelings especially those of loneliness.

  2. Jack Sherman says

    Glenn Sending you a very Merry Christmas from Lethbridge. I showed Wendy the little dot that shows you in the calm surrounded by the vortex of winds in the middle of the Indian Ocean and we knew you were protected by the spirit of Christmas. God bless you and keep you safe, and blessings to your family. Jack Sherman

  3. marianne scott says

    Hi Glenn
    We’re glad that the cyclone edges are only producing big waves and not knockdown winds. Be safe. I’ve been baking four plus loaves of cranberry-nut bread both as small presents and to have with the family on Christmas eve. How I wish I could teleport a big loaf for you somehow. Sometimes we need more technology, although many times, I wish for less. We’ll be thinking about you at this end of December when you’re alone on your great adventure. I hope you have some treats saved for Christmas. Fair winds.
    And BTW, Pacific Yachting wants an update on your derring-do so I’ll be sending them some scribbles in the next couple of weeks. With warmest best wishes. David and Marianne

  4. David and Bren Hilton says

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Looks good just north of you and hopefully that terrible rolling will stop. I think coming home from New Zealand without a motor gave me a little idea of what you are up against. When we ran out of wind, I thought I wanted to pull my teeth out! You are in our thoughts. David and Bren

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