Day 119 Running under reduced sail 29/12/13

Dec 29, 2013Position: 34.24 S,  84.25 E

Today was a day of running before those remarkable Southern Ocean swells. Yesterday they rolled on by with there weapons holstered, and presented no real threat. Today, they were antagonized and stirred up by a 25-30 knot westerly and now their weapons, those great breaking tops are all a rage and threatening West Wind II. Their faces are steeper to the point of breaking and leaving great streaks of foam and glacier coloured smears. They also climb aboard West Wind II like some great tiger filling the cockpit with foamy champagne water that gradually drains out through the cockpit drains. They attack from the sides as well dropping white water along the gunnels  which races from stern to bow and back again before spilling over board.

Very occasionally, one comes broad side and covers WW II from port to starboard streaming down the port lights. The wind howls all day and as each hour goes by, new energy is  blown into the waves and they build even bigger and more daunting. WW II ducks and weaves before them occasionally surfing them and driving hard. I have taken down the main sail and left only a handkerchief of storm staysail to catch the wind and move us ever closer to Australia.  This will go on all night and I will not rest easy, ready at any moment to go on deck and reduce sail even more so we can stay the course.

Heading: 135 T Boat Speed: 5.5 knots Wind: W 20 -25 m Swell: W 3 – 4 m Cloud Cover: 40% Temp: 23 C Baro: 1017 Miles in last 24hrs: 90 nm Volts: 13.1 


  1. stan and dianne evans says

    Hi Glenn,
    We just wanted to tell you that our thoughts are with you as you wend your way to Australia. There must be something about an ocean passage that elevates a man’s prose; we have certainly enjoyed your fascinating posts. Safe journey, Cheers, Stan and Dianne

  2. May God be with you and my prayers Glenn.

  3. Ron Blackwell says

    Hi Glenn Just got off the phone with Paul Lim. He sends his regards and wanted me to tell you that he was very sorry to hear of your rigging issues. He just picked up another boat, (Spencer 35) and brought it down to Victoria. He was not able to get your messages while away but he was upset to hear of your situation. Just so you know, if you get close to S35 9min and E112 44min you will at the location of Kekuli, Paul’s Spencer that he lost.
    I want to thank you for all your posts. I get them on my Iphone to keep up to date as I travel so much. It has been a great adventure for all of us thanks to your posts.
    Will keep watching for word on your progress.
    Regards to you and your family. Try to have a Happy New Year, even with these setbacks.

  4. Alison Meredith says

    Glenn and Marylou, I have been reading your blog since you both began this great adventure. You are BOTH courageous and I wish you well as you move closer to Australia and a resolution to your rigging issues. What a power couple you are. Best wishes for a wonderful 2014 together.

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