Day 119 Sailing a good course 29/12/13

 Dec 29 closeupPosition:  34.25, 86.44

I’m concentrating on sailing a good course and being careful at the same time. The waves are magnificent, 5 metres and very steep, incredible to watch. The wind is supposed to go down to 15 knots this afternoon which will be very welcomed.  The new year is fast approaching and tomorrow will be New Years day for me. I am going to do some more reading this afternoon as there is little else I can do with this motion.

Two Great Albatross, one Wandering Albatross, one Storm Petrel, one Cook’s Petrel, and several Murphy’s Petrels around the boat today.

You are foremost on my mind as my day unfolds, one mile at a time. Thank you for keeping up the email M, it is the highlight of my day. 

Dec 29, 2013

Heading : 100 T Speed : 5 knots Wind : S 20 Swell : S 4 metres Cloud : 80% Bar : 1020 Temp : 17 C Distance in last 24 hrs : 116 nm Batteries : 13.2 


  1. Here I sit reading your latest chat ……over the cup of Earl Grey that seems to be surrounding your world with its colour! Yes a shame about your news Glenn to have to turn back…..however I for one am happy that you caught the structural fraying and had the sense to not put ego first …..which many a mariner has done….and many sadly lost. You turn back but you are going back to so much….you know that! Yes, easy for all of us to type these words of support and love but we are not you sitting in that grey place but remember Glenn it is only temporary and by the sounds of all those following your blog … have an amazing number of people who are there for you and MaryLou….they would never have been apart of your life had you not just done it! Proud of you MATE! Hold your head up high in that grey sky. Xoxo

  2. Sorry to hear about your rigging failure Glenn. I know it must be disappointing after all your detailed planning and efforts. But you know, every day above ground/water is a good day. And it sounds like some out there are just incredibly beautiful. Good choice to turn it around.

  3. Michael Poole says

    Hello Glenn- Happy New Year! It’s NYE here in Taiwan as well. Your stories have been way more interesting to read than Robinson Crusoe, even to a non-sailor. Safe journey.

  4. Glenn,

    Just catching up on the latest events. So sorry to hear about your rigging. Sometimes the hardest decision is to turn back but sounds like it was the right one. We admire you. You truly are an amazing adventurer and someone who follows their dreams. Safe travels and an early happy New Year. Zeeb

  5. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn and Marylou Cheering you on no matter what. You both have a whole lot of passion for life and it is apparent in your posts. And that is a good thing. One day at a time. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 “Oh the places you’ll go” Pat and Fred Lark

  6. Barbara and Dan Willock says

    Dear Glenn and Marylou We are sorry to hear of this unexpected turn of events, but are so grateful you are safe and have a plan. May God continue to protect you and keep you safe from harm. Emmanuel.

  7. Hi Glenn, I cannot imagine what you face daily. I was talking to Doug Turner yesterday about the choices and decisions you have to make everyday. All with the outcome on your trip but mostly your safety. Enjoy your new year and all of 2014! Jim

  8. Graham Barnard says

    Hello Glenn and MaryLou. Still enjoying following your progress to a safe haven. Joanne and I are heading to Genoa Bay from Victoria leaving early this morning aboard Nearchus for our twentieth anniversary on Jan 1st. Keep your spirits up, and your sails trimmed. Cheers, Graham.

  9. I lived and worked in Perth Australia at one time. I have many friends there. If you need help let me know and I can contact them. Take care and be safe.I have sailed the open ocean also. Ron

  10. Susan Bassett says

    Cheering for you every day. Hoping wind and waves moderate to make things easier on the rig. Safe travels to Australia.

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