Day 121 Breaking Seas 31/12/13

Dec 31, 2013Position: 35 .54 S, 91.56 E

January 1st has dawned a very stormy morning we are surrounded by breaking seas. Making good steady progress to the east where at the moment a very large wall of black cloud blots out the rising sun with the promise of sunshine later. Our distance to Perth this morning 1234 nm The weather forecast is for more of the same so we’ll turn that into good use and bring that number down, slowly but surely.

The sun is now streaming through the port lights and filling the cabin with bright light, warm and promising. I can feel the solar panels smiling as they wake up and get back to work charging this computer. Soon the kettle will be on and our daily routine will continue. MaryLou, all the messages on the blog are truly amazing.  I take great pride in reading them and I am humbled by them as well.

I am missing you and as soon as my eyes open in the morning you are there, many thoughts and quiet conversations with you about today, tomorrow and the next day. Please take care of yourself and enjoy your New Years.

It will take me a little while to clean up after my wild party last night, candy wrappers and empty chip bags litter this scene. Just saying…

Course 90 T speed 5 kts wind W20 waves W 4-5 m cloud 100% temp 17 C baro 1016 miles in last 24 hrs 111 nm volts 13.2 Perth 1202 nm



  1. Archie Campbell says

    Dear Glenn and Marylou,

    Very sorry to hear the bad news. Be assured you made the right ‘call’ Glenn and may the weather gods allow you to get safely to port. We look forward to greeting W. W.ll when she comes thru Race Passage some time in 2014.
    All the best to both of you,

    Archie and Stuart.

  2. Glenn, I’m just catching up on my reading after a busy holiday season. i have to say that I’m impressed with your decision to turn back. That’s just plain good seamanship. You probably could have made it work to Cape Town and beyond with no problem, but what shines through when I read your words is your desire to avoid putting other sailors at risk to help you if your rig was to fail totally. Well done, mate! I know you must be sorely dissappointed to have to turn round and my heart bleeds for you. All the best to you and MaryLou.

  3. Andy Cotterell says

    Thinking of you on this New Year’s Day and wishing you all the best.

    Still think of you from our trip to Vancouver when we met you and Mike in the Mill Marine Bar

    The English couple Marian and Andy

  4. Stuart Norman says

    Hi Glenn & MaryLou
    I have just been sent the link to your blog and have been reading about the rigging failure ….It’s a hard decision you had to make Glenn. If it’s any consolation, you’re heading to a great spot at Freo. I’m not too sure if you have contacted anyone here in Fremantle (Perth) yet, but just to let you know if you need a hand just let me know and I’ll do what I can to help. There are a few things about the approach into Fremantle that are worth knowing about (particularly at night) and other bits of local knowledge. Just to let you know there are a few people watching your progress from the shoreline and there’s a cold beer waiting for you at the bar.
    Safe sailing, take care….don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help. Cheers Stuart Norman – Fremantle, West Australia.

  5. Alan Strickland says

    Glenn and Marylou,

    Our support, love and good wishes in 2014!

    Alan and Marylou, Victoria BC

  6. Terry Baker says

    Hi Glenn & Mary Lou

    Our Commodore Bob Kucera has briefed myself and others at Fremantle Sailing Club and we look forward to your safe arrival. I will make contact with ML directly to see where we can help either on the boat or ashore.Keep safe
    Terry Baker Vice Commodore Fremantle Sailing Club

  7. Hi Glen,

    Just over a week ago I completed a successful Atlantic crossing. The owner Dick Leighton, remembers hearing you speak at the BCA in Vancouver. Seeing the stresses that Dick’s Prout 39 went through in the trade wind route on the Atlantic, it is hard to comprehend what you are going through. Being safe on the sea is the #1 priority and that is exactly what you are doing. We were a crew of four and given how tired and worn out we were at times, it is very hard to imagine how you do this by yourself.

    You are doing the right thing. I look forward to more posts all the way to you successfully making it to Australia.


    David Greer

  8. marianne scott says

    Happy New Year, Glenn. We’re not going anywhere but having a few bites with people in the building. They are going on Toronto time so everyone can be tucked into bed by 2100h.

    I’m glad you’re making good progress toward Australia. With a mere 1,200 miles to go, I hope you get to see Mary Lou in a couple of weeks. What a reunion that will be. This might be a very small silver lining to your disappointment.

    We’re thinking about you. Be safe. Here’s hoping no new strands unravel and that you’ll get to Perth in one piece.

    Warm wishes for 2014.

    David and Marianne

  9. Happy New Year my good friend. Rock and Roll all the way to Perth. The next chapter is well under way, and I’m confident that West Wind 11 whom you look after so carefully will safely return you to Aussie shores.
    We will be in Sydney from January 12 to 21, so might be able to talk by phone!

    • Michael Williams says

      Best wishes for a safe return as you beat it back to Perth and continue on your epic voyage.. We have enjoyed reading your daily reports and learning of the manner in which you handle adversity-with calm and good judgement. My daughter in Victoria told us of your daily reports and we have passed on the information to our grandson, an aspiring teenage sailor. Reading your reports is so different from Miles Smeaton’s accounts of his first voyages over 60 years ago.
      Mike Williams. .

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