Day 30 Steady Progress 1/10/13


Oct 1, 2013 wider view

Positon: 01.45 N, 152. 02 W @ 16:30 UTC

Note: To get a closer view of Glenn’s position and enlarge the picture, click on the map.

It was a steady day, steady wind, steady progress south. I spent some time in the cockpit, the rest reading and writing.

reading down below on West Wind II, Aug, 2011

I joined the Pacific Seafarer’s Net ( a group of volunteer Amateur Radio Operators ) so every night I can join in the roll call of boats and give my position report when they call my sign and boat name. I registered on their website which will update my position daily. A very interesting group. One fellow I spoke to from Seattle for example, has been travelling with his wife on board their boat for two years. They’re currently in Guatemala. 

Heading: 127 true Boat Speed: 6.7 knots Wind: E 15 knots Swell: E 1.5 Cloud: 10% Bar: 1010 Temp: 26 C

From MaryLou: Welcome new subscribers. We now have a total of 480 registered subscribers from 18 countries! Thanks for all your terrific comments and questions.


  1. Susanne and Honey says

    Hello Marylou and Glen,

    I keep track of your journey,
    I wish you all the best and hope that our routes will cross again one day.
    Fair winds

  2. Hi Glen Lynn and I are enjoying watching your
    Progress! You look great! Take care and happy

  3. Just curious being on your own little island (41′ by 10.3′ ). How dose one keep fit? I know going up and down the companionway and hoisting sails up and down is only a small part of muscle training. What about your total physical conditioning?

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