Day 32 Malden Island 03/10/13


Oct 3, 2013 near Malden Isl 

Position: 03. 23 S, 154. 08 W @16:45 UTC

Very exciting times here on WW II as we are coming up to Malden Island. Because of a wind shift last night last night we are going to leave Malden Island to our starboard side.

Listen to Glenn’s Audio report . (Apologies for the scratchy audio…it’s music to my ears).


Malden Island is a low, arid, uninhabited island in the central Pacific Ocean about 39 km² in area. It is one of the Line Islands belonging to the Republic of Kiribati.

At the moment we are about 30 miles North east of the Island and about 20 miles due east of the reef off the northern point of the island. The island is about 500 ft high so should be able to see it some time soon. The weather for us  is good for the next few days as long as I can stay east of 160 west where there are light winds. the next island we will pass will be Starbuck Island, which is 100 miles south west of Malden and after that it is Penrhyn, Rakahanga, and Manikhiki all three of which are part of the Northern Cook Islands. 

Bird sightings include petrels and boobys.

Heading:165 true Boat Speed:6.5 knots Wind:E 15 – 20 Swell: E 1.5 m Cloud:40% Bar:1008 Temp: 26 C  



  1. Sonia Polson says

    Hi Glenn Sending a big hello and tons of good wishes as you continue on your amazing sail. It’s great that MaryLou is blogging about your days at sea. I’m really enjoying being able to read about your days at sea. Sonia

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