Day 34 Penrhyn Atoll, Northern Cook Islands 05/10/13

Oct 5 Penrhyn Atoll close up

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Position:  08. 51 S, 155 22 W @ 22:00 UTC

A strong squall early in the morning put us on our ear so I was on deck from 05:15 am trimming sails. 

All in all, a good steady day’s run. Weather remains hot and I frequently seek refuge below decks.

We’re alongside Penrhyn Island headed southwest through the Northern Cook Islands. First group of Cooks are about 600 miles off. We’ll be there in four or five days depending on the wind. Stewart Island south of the South Island of NZ is 3,683 nm at a bearing of 231 T.ETA 28 – 30 days. 

Course: 190 T Speed: 6 knots Wind: NE 10 Waves: NE 1.5 Cloud: 40% Temp: 31 C Bar: 1008 Miles in last 24hrs: 160 nm

Behind the blog:

A noteworthy virtual milestone here on the blog. We now have 500 subscribers. Thank you all for your interest and support. We should see some increased interest from New Zealand as Glenn gets closer. I’ll be in touch with the local media in NZ to notify them of his imminent approach. 


  1. Tim from ShangHai China says

    Hey Glenn !This is Tim from China ,i am a new follower ,recommended by a friend!So pround about what u doing now !U like a super hero ,if u ever get a chance to come to SH,pls come to my salon ,i’ll give a free but excellent hair cut !!!Hahahaha

  2. Glen you have been at sea a while now, how are you finding this voyage compared to your last attempt. Does the advancement of technology make your time easier alone plus in your duties i.e. internet gps etc.

  3. Alex Laframboise says

    I’ve been following your adventure every day. I was concerned to here you had a bit of water in the bilge area. Did you find out where it was coming from? The prop shaft seal would be my guess but was concerned as to how to re-seal when out in the middle of all that blue. I assume since you didn’t mention it again you’ve got it repaired? Where is your next stop for supplies? Continue enjoying all that equator heat. Regards, Alex

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hello Alex. The leak is coming from a faulty depth sounder through-hull fitting which was leaking very badly. I tightened it up and it’s better. So my water problems are under control. And just to get the record straight, I am not stopping anywhere until I get back to Victoria. I’m going solo, non-stop.
      Thank you for your interest.

  4. stan evans says

    Hi Glenn,
    Dianne and I have been following your splendid adventure with great interest, and it’s good to see that your speed on this trip is better than the previous one. It’s hard for us not to contrast your current situation with our own recent geriatric cruise ship voyage through the western Mediterranean on a floating air-conditioned gin palace, with frequent arduous walks through ruined Roman arches and Italian ice-cream parlours. All the best, Stan and Dianne

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for your note. Although it’s difficult to compare your cruise to Spain and the walks through the Roman ruins with where I am now, there have been times when what you described would be just fine with me especially the ice cream! Only wish I had all your Seaweed books with me.Cheers Glenn

  5. Hi Glenn,

    Really enjoying following your sailing adventure. Thanks for sharing!! Wishing you safe passage and continued good weather as you continue on.


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