Day 37 Sailing off the chart 08/10/13

Oct 8 closeup

Position: 12.11  S, 157. 39 W @16:30 UTC

Up early and often this morning. I had my good morning ‘radio show’ with host Ron VE7 BGK Victor Echo 7 Bravo Golf Kilo. It was a bit early this morning but good to start my day with a chat and a familiar voice. We’re moving along about 4.5 knots and hope to get more out of the very light and warm winds coming over the rolling sea from the East. I am heading a little more West to increase my angle to a ‘reach’ (sailing across the wind from about 60° to 160° off the wind), so my speed will be up and the sails will not slat as much. I am on British Admiralty Chart no 4051 and have been since Sept 20. I’m way down in the south west corner with only 1 degree of Lat and 5 degrees of longitude before I sail right off this chart.

The running of the chart is one of those psychological games we play out here. It marks a milestone, however arbitrary it may seem, but it’s all part of the game of motivating oneself and gives me a feeling of accomplishment of reaching a goal. I also have a chart of the world and plot my course on it every week just to keep things in perspective, the big picture if you like. And so it goes, hour by hour, degree by degree, time zone by time zone, and chart by chart. There is a pace and depending on the wind it changes from dead stop to flying along, and, from completely frustrating, to absolutely out of this world. The ebbs and flows of life at sea.

Heading: 220 t Boat Speed: 4.5 knots Wind: E 10 knots Swell: E 1.5 m Cloud : 20 % Baro: 1011 Temp: 27 C Miles last 24 hours: 90

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  1. susan & Ian Grant says

    We are so pleased with your progress so far.Thanks for all the updates Marylou. Went on the last Alaskan cruse for this year for7 days and it was a whole lot easier than what you are facing. We even had to prepare for heavy weather with winds gusting to 65 knots. On the first deck, we were fine. Fair winds. Love Ian & Susan RebelX

  2. Hi Glenn
    We are spellbound again by your amazing voyage and adventuresome spirit. Google earth provides additional context for your location reports and other sources fill in the background. We are hoping to hear of some success at fishing. Can you explain the precautions you take with the boat and otherwise when you go for a swim? Stay healthy and happy and know we’re thinking of you and your family daily. :)

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