Day 38 Forces of nature 9/10/13

Oct 9 2013 closeup

Position: 14.27 S, 159.42 W @

Nice quiet morning on deck adjusting course and checking for chafe. Found a small, 4-inch squid in his cloak with large marble eyes and tenticled mustache on the cabin sole. (on the inside!) Must have come through the hatch.

Last night while I was checking things on deck, I saw a school of dolphin in the moonlight. They were charging through the waves alongside the boat and then played for a while in West Wind II’s wake.

dolphin in waves

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There is always a force of nature showing itself around the boat or in the sky. I feel so lucky to be able to see it and I often wonder what I’m
not seeing. 

Course:200 Speed 7 knots Wind E 15kts Waves E 1.5 m Cloud 30 % Baro 1012 Temp 31 C Distance in last 24hr; 160 nm


  1. Dear Glenn,
    When you get gifts from the sea, like the squid, do you cook them up? What is your galley kitchen like; special tools, favourite dishes, celebration dinners?
    Your story reminds me of a my wonderful honeymoon in Greece, eating plates of fresh squid. Yum.

  2. Dave Trace says

    Glenn: I am very much enjoying your comments and following you on this voyage.

  3. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hello Glenn,
    We are back after a brief break. Sounds like you are in heaven on earth. We can only imagine the things you are seeing. Thank you for taking us on your journey. You do know we are two happy stowaways. Take care.

    Pat and Fred

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