Day 39 Sky view 10/10/13

Oct 10, 2013 close

Position: 17.05 S, 160.33 W @22:00 UTC

The stars that fill the night sky are such a wonder to gaze at during the night. Last night as the light faded in the west, a sliver of a moon presented itself as a bowl with a very bright Venus just a little south. Their presence filled the western sky with moonlight that beamed back to us over the surface of the water. This was my dinner view out in the cockpit about 8:00 pm. West Wind II has made good use all night of the steady five knot increase in the eastern breeze and we striding along at a steady 7.5 knots. The seas are fairly low so the ride is tolerable and not too much water over the deck. I have the hatch open and feel the warm tropical breeze all night. A most comfortable night. 

Tauranga, New Zealand 

Transferred ten gallons of water purified with 6-7 drops of bleach in each gallon. I had a syringe left over from some epoxying I had done so that worked well to dispense the bleach. There was a 1 gallon plastic milk jug on board and I made a funnel out of one of the protein drink containers, and even though we were rocking and rolling I managed to spill very little of the precious liquid. I’m still looking for another leak that causes me to pump the bilge every day for a minute or so with the electric bilge pump. Of course while filling the water tanks it did cross my mind that one of them may be leaking. I isolated the tanks and will monitor the levels over the next week or so. Whenever there is a chance to catch water, I get right on it.  The wind has increased a little but the sea is up a lot so had to take a reef in the main and jib to stop the slatting. Speed is down a bit but there is a long way to go and there is no use pushing it this early in the game.

Today I set a new way point 180 miles east of East Point on the North Island of NZ, just east of Tauranga. It’s 1700 miles away so I should be there in about two weeks. I’m hoping to pick up sat phone coverage as I get close. 

Course 180 T Speed 5.5 knots Wind NE 10 Waves NE 2m Cloud 40% Temp 30 C Baro 1011 Miles last 24 hrs: 170 nm



  1. Dave Ockenden says

    Glenn; Just before you left I met you in the parking lot at the YC and told you about a picture that was taken of my former boat “Dariel” a Ranger 26 finishing Juan de Fuca race in 2005. As I knew the photographer I tracked him down in Denmark where he now lives. I have the picture now and I am getting it printed. I can attach it to an email if you would like to see it. Sometime I would also like to track the boat down as I have not seen it for quite a while.
    I am following your trip every day.
    Keep on sailing!

    Dave Ockenden

  2. peter gage says

    fabulous adventure – most impressed and wish you all success

  3. John Green says

    Glen. Over 40 years I ago we lived in NZ and spent many weekends at Tauranga and the adjacent beach. We have driven around East Point a few times.
    Your next waypoint will be Stewart Island when you turn west. Your daily distances have been incredible. Keep up the safe and conservative approach. I have always been cautious during Swiftsures as you can’t win if you don’t finish.

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