Day 4 Finding my sea legs September 5, 2013

Day 4 09/05/13

 47 04.6 N  126 11.4 W  @0:9:30 PDT  (off the coast of Aberdeen, Washington)

All is well on board. I’m slowly getting my sea legs and getting things organized on the boat. The wind generator is not turning, due to the broad reach and we have little power from the solar panels due to the cloud cover.  I’ll be watching my power consumption closely. Saw my first albatross yesterday and a pod of whales breaching in the sunset last evening.


on the wharf

G and ML on D Day 

“I want to thank all of our friends who came down to send us off on another adventure. What an amazing gathering. I could definitely feel the love. Thank you also for your generous gifts and cards. West Wind II looks like xmas morning after the presents have been opened. I remember writing on my last voyage that it is the emotional support of others that gives me the courage of a lion and the riches of a king. That holds true for this voyage.  There has been the support of close friends and also complete strangers. This is the very best of mankind and I feel honoured to be your friend. Thank you all for your support. It means a great deal to me.”

I am on day three and the sun is just setting, I was on deck to put a reef in the main and in the shadow of the sunset saw whales breaching and along with that my first albatross glided over the swells. I am a lucky man!

Fond regards,

Update @ 11:35 PST

Just finished taking a second reef in the main and attaching windward running back stay. Broad reach 6.5+ kts.

Galley cleaned, recycling done, computer charged, ready for lunch. Noodle soup with potato, carrots, and sausage. A beer, then a nap.

Another tough day!”











  1. gerald hartwig says

    hey Glen
    Push hard ,have fun ,be safe.sending you daily positive thoughts

  2. Sally Dolman says

    By the time you get to Australia, maybe the same whales will be here to greet you.
    Cheers Sal And Geoff

  3. Hello, Glad you are enjoying your first few days and sounds like you are settling
    In quite nicely! When you have time can you send pictures of the inside of the boat so we can picture your surroundings as we get your posts? Cheers to you!

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Diana. If you click on the tab About West Wind II, and then Refit, you’ll see photos of her interior. He can’t send photos from his onboard computer.

  4. Angie Rundle says

    So glad to be watching your solo again, We were glued to the computer last time. Will there be video’s again from you? God speed and a safe trip.

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