Day 40 near Aitutaki, Cook Islands 11/10/13

 Oct 11, 2013 near Aitutaki

Position: 17.50 S, 161.06 W 

I’ve been on the radio with Cliff in NZ and another single hander on a Vega 27 who is sailing from the Galapagos to the Marquesas Islands. I got out my old chart from 1997 today knowing that some time later this afternoon I will be crossing my 1997 Sannu II* tract from Aitutaki to Niue. I will be very close to Aitutaki for the next few days.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

It’s been a busy week on board. I managed to tune the rig today and it feels much better. I also looked for the source of the leak, not much luck but I eliminated a few suspects. Nice to transfer the collected water as well. There  is almost no wind as I write this. We are rolling along at
1.8 -2 knots. I think it will be like this for the next few days, and maybe all weekend. I’ll have to figure out something to do with my time. Clean house maybe? 

Aitutaki 1

A page from my illustrated journal during our time on Aitutaki August, 1997.


Behind the blog
* In 1997, our family sailed across the South Pacific in our 26′ Haida Sannu II that Glenn refers to above. We arrived in Aitutaki in mid August after a particularly rough 6-day crossing (El Nino) to find the local islanders knew all about all our family and had been keeping a lookout for our arrival. The Aitutakians welcomed us into their homes and included us in their traditional island events. We plan to return one day.

Course 220T Speed 3.5 kts Wind E 5-10 Waves E 1.5m Cloud 30% Temp 3o C 


  1. Hi Glenn and MaryLou,
    That aerial shot of Aitutaki brought back some wonderful memories of that beautiful, warm lagoon, snorkeling with friends around those motus, and hiking up the main hill. And your comments about your 1997 visit recalled some fun moments with the locals. Some great remembrances with which to start my day here in the already snow-clad Alps!
    Fair winds to you both!

  2. Wil Nesling says

    Hi Glenn Is that ocean current giving you some speed? We are following you from Trotac all the way.
    Can you get shortwave music and news out there? Do you run a refridgerator? Do you need to run the engine to recharge batteries? Best wishes. Will

  3. Harvey Russell says

    I envy you, Aitutaki has to be one of the all time South Pacific paradise Islands, will you be close enough to see land or the reef and lagoon, or is your path a more easterly coarse? At WW11 sailing speed you have posted, you will have time to take in it’s true beauty. Fair winds and safe harbors to WW11 and all that sail on her.

  4. Alex Laframboise says

    Hello Glen
    We were discussing at breakfast today how you were going to celebrate Thanksgiving…U going to cook a turkey or ? Hope you get your small water leak found and repaired. Keep sailing safe.

  5. John Green says

    Glen. Will you be anywhere near Suvarov Atoll which is in the northern Cook Islands? Have you seen another yacht since you left?
    I look forward to the daily updates.

  6. Anne Mayers says

    Hi Glenn
    It was really good to get your message via Marylou last night whilst we were having a meal with her. We also caught up with your Mum and had a good laugh about the old times. I am glad you are doing so well. Keep safe . Love always Anne xx

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