Day 41 Go West … 12/10/13

Oct 12 2013 

Position: 19.19 S, 162.18 W

One thing I’ve have noticed in the last few days is the appearance of high level cloud above the white puffy tropical surface cloud, the nights are a little cooler but there is a definite downward trend. So naturally the more southing we make the cooler it will get and the weather will change. I have a way point off East Point on the north island of NZ and my course to that is 215 degrees true about 25 degrees west of south so I am making west as well as south.

I have about 30 degrees of westing  and 30 degrees of southing  to get to the southern tip of NZ. The wind is due to clock around to the south east in the next day or so which will make my westing a lot easier. This is the plan at the moment so we will stick with it and make changes where we have to.

It’s now 2:00 pm, the time in the day when it’s far too hot to do anything outside unless you absolutely have to. I just finished up my latest battle to keep the water from leaking through the cabin and deck. Caulking was my ammunition and today it was aimed at the wood surrounds on the starboard pair of port lights. 

I also dealt with the mast collar a rubber gasket around the mast at the deck level, and one or two other small suspects. So all that’s left on the list is fishing and a shave. It’s too hot to fish or shave so I’ve reverted to writing.That will soon give way to a nap and reading. The radio show starts at around 5:00 and goes til 6:30 – 7:00 and then it’s time for dinner and some music in the cockpit after sunset. This could all change of course if the wind fills. 

It’s now 3:00 pm. The  main is down. I’m sailing with just a poled out jib.  I have been reading for a while and thought I’d look for a beer in the bilge. I found 8 empties!  Someone has been pilfering the beer and putting the empties back in the bilge. There was also 3 cans of coke that could not take the rocking and rolling. 


Course 200 T 

Speed 2.8kts.

Wind E 5kts

Waves E 1m 

         SW 1m

Cloud cover 30%

Baro 1015 steady

Temp 30C

miles in last 24 hrs 85nm

 We are virtually becalmed lots of wave action will be taking down the sails soon.


  1. Glad to hear your having a safe journey! From one beer lover to another, just wondering how much you stored on board and do you get it delivered via air drop when the supply runs out?

  2. Hi Glenn, just sitting here with your Mum drinking your scotch.
    We’ve had a great time went to Marys for a lovely dinner last night and met Alex, Hugh and Hugh’s Mum. We had such a good laugh. Today Mary took us and your Mum to Buschart Gardens and to a nice restaurant at Brentwood Bay then showed us around and your old house at San Juan. All our best wishes to you for a safe voyage Eric.

  3. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn,

    Happy Thanksgiving and I know we all have much to be thankful for in our lives. I hope you catch some wind soon. We have plenty of it on the prairies and would gladly share with you if we could. We are having the best neighbours and our son and daughter in law over for turkey feast Sunday. As always we have our eye on you.

    Pat and Fred

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