Day 42 Rough and noisy 13/10/13

Oct 13, 2013

Position: 20.08 S 163.50 W @16:30 UTC

The wind is howling tonight.  I’ve just come back from being on deck to take in the third reef in the main and get ready for a very rough night.Wind is 25-30 knots with lots of water on deck and consequently … down below as well. I have my sponges ready and have been on the bilge pump before I left the cock pit.

I store all of my canned fish and meat protein in the bilge locker forward of the engine. I had to take all the cans out of the locker as they were getting damaged by the bilge water. Fortunately I didn’t lose any of the cans but they all had to be washed and dried and restored in a dry locker.I moved them to an empty cooler beside the stove and the rest of the cans of beans, corn, tomatoes, and fruit still have to be washed. That I temporarily stored in an empty laundry basket  and left it on the cabin sole in the forward cabin to dry out.  Then I wrote the numbers of the cans that still had paper labels on them so I could identify the ones that didn’t. A long and nasty job. So I have made a stew with the most damaged cans and will eat that for the next few days.


Floor boards removed reveal the locker compartments (in drier conditions) adjacent to the engine where the canned food is stored. Photo: May, 2013

The ride tonight is very rough and the noise of the wind in the rigging is louder than the music. Ear plugs tonight for sure.

I hope you are all enjoying family and friends on this Thanksgiving weekend. Thinking of you and missing you.

Course 225 T Speed 6 knots Wind E 15 Waves E 2m Cloud 60% Temp 29 C Bar 1015 Distance in last 24 hrs: 135 nm


  1. Glenn…your daily reports are reading like a story and, indeed, it is quite a story! It never occurred to me how busy you would be day to day. Canned stew for Thanksgiving dinner on the high seas sounds pretty fantastic!

  2. Margaret Long says


  3. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Thinking of you and celebrating your journey with Peter and Gayle tonight. Your name was mentioned, more than once, and we are all cheering you on. Cheers Glenn.

    Pat and Fred

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