Day 43 Cooling off 14/10/13

Oct 14, 2013

Position: 21.7 S, 165. 20 W @16:30 UTC

Week 7

Slept on the cabin sole last night because of leaks over my bunk. The motion is better but still difficult to type on the computer as the motion is very lively. And still no fish. The plastic vane on the wind vane broke off in the middle of the night and I replaced it with a spare. 

I’ve just come back from being on deck where I rolled in the jib and rolled out the stay sail. The motion is tolerable. We are off the wind, close reaching through some fairly heavy waves, 2+ meters. There is water over the deck and occasionally the toe rail on the leeward side scoops up some water and it rushes back down the scuppers to where it came from. Our course is zig zag but we are within 5- 10 degrees of our course – 215 T, which will take us to our way point off East Point on the north island of NZ – now a distance of 1168 nm away. The sun is out and all in all, a relatively good start to the day.

Nice easy morning …still no fish. I’m probably going too fast! Bilge water seems manageable at the moment.  Hungrier that usual this morning – I had a second bowl of oats which went down very well, definitely filled me up. One big difference today is the temperature. It’s still only 26 C. Usually it’s 31C by now. So today I’l wear a full set of clothes for the first time in a month.

It’s nice and cozy down below and belies the raging that is going on on deck. Because of the wind I have lots of power and I’ve have been enjoying some music for a nice change –  little classical, a little jazz. 

Oct 14 w East Point NZ

Close up of East Point, east of Tauranga on New Zealand’s north island.

This wind gave us good miles for the last 24 hrs and NZ is coming up fast! 

 Heading: 215 true Boat Speed: 6.5 knots Wind: SE 25 knots Cloud: 60 % Bar: 1012 Temp: 24 C Miles in last 24 hours: 150 nm



  1. Mark Brown says

    Hi Glenn, that weather is sounding like you are through with the tropical part of the sail. So impressive that you are making the time that you are. I can’t believe you are south of Tahiti already.

    We are watching you closely and sending you warm Thanksgiving vibes.

    I was wondering with the good time you are making will you still hit the Southern Ocean capes at the same seasonality that you are hoping for or does it make it a little earlier?

    Lot’s of love and hoping your caulking supply is bountiful.


  2. Keith Morrison. says

    Hi Glenn.I am enjoying your logs and Google maps.

    Do you mean East Cape on the N Island of NZ?

  3. Ron Falconer says

    Hi Glenn and Marylou, It was great to be back talking to Glenn on the radio at 0415z today as he heads towards Southern New Zealand…Looking forward to many more!

    Ron, ZL4RMF

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Ron Nice to hear from you again. I’m sure Glenn was happy to connect with you as well. He’s had contact with Cliff in Balclutha and he’s looking forward to many more conversations with you both. Thank you for being there. MaryLou

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