Day 44 Hearing your voice 15/10/13

 Oct 15 islands

Position: 23. 30 S, 166.45 W @16:30 UTC

 A big change in the weather here this morning. The temperature at 6:00 am was 23 C.  Two days ago it would have been 29 C already.

I am wearing a full set of clothes again, and last night I had to use the sleeping bag which was a little too warm to leave early this morning but great to jump back into.

I am up with my first cup of tea, first time in weeks, meeting Ron on our early morning radio show. The heat of the tropics is behind us till we come back around again. I must prepare now for much cooler weather in the coming months – long johns and merino wool.

Keeping dry may be my biggest challenge. I must work hard to keep it out of the main saloon. The wood trim port lights seem to be the biggest problem. I will go at those again ( with caulking) when the weather settles down and I can work on deck again.

The storage area in the forward cabin which I have named ‘the chicken coop’ has worked out well. I seem to have the water under control there. I’ve isolated the eggs from the motion and yet made them easy to get at. I open the egg cartons every other day and inspect each box. I really want to keep ahead of the bad eggs before they start to smell.  How do you tell when an egg has gone bad?  They start to sweat and leak a rather green liquid. I wash the carton, discard any bad ones and put them all back safely. My attrition rate at the moment is about two eggs a week. I think with the big change in temperature that will get smaller.

My supply of sausage from Choux Choux has lasted really well. I opened my last package yesterday and will be putting it in my lunch time omelettes for the next week. And, I still have some cheese left as well.

I really enjoyed having a conversation with MaryLou on the ham radio last night. Her words of  encouragement are the light at the end of the tunnel and raise my spirits enormously.

Ron Kolody w Glenn

Primary ham radio operator Ron Kolody with Glenn in Victoria, B.C.


Behind the blog:

A shout out to our friend and primary ham radio operator Ron Kolody in Vancouver, BC Canada. Ron has been in daily contact with Glenn via ham radio since he left giving him weather conditions and recording and relaying his position and conditions back to me. Last night Ron was able to patch Glenn through to me on the ham radio. It was wonderful to hear his voice, strong as ever, and no doubt a morale boost for him. Thank you Ron!

Heading: 219  Boat Speed: 6.5 kts Wind: E 15 knots Swell: E 1.5 m Cloud: 50 % Temp: 23 C,( down 10 C in last 24 hrs Bar: 1019 
Miles in the last 18 hours: 120 nm


  1. Donny Schnee Sherwood says

    Glenn God speed and been looking at your site hoping to pick your radio tx again 73 Donny ve7dxf

  2. THis is Glenn I live In ladysmith my call sign is ve7gwt what frq do u use sure have been enjoying your adventure. and what time here on the west coast would u be on.

    Cheers from Ve7 gwt 73s

  3. Hi Glenn,

    I just want you to know that Craig and I look forward to your WWII daily postings. Your overall progress has been quite impressive. As of Sunday, we’re back in RI, but will continue to be two of your many fans.

    Just a note concerning your egg storage. Did you every try turning the eggs every week or so? Back when I was sailing in the 70’s, when few cruising boats had refrigeration, many people swore by this technique. I think the theory was that if the egg yolks stayed suspended in the whites (and didn’t touch the shell), they would stay fresher longer. What do you think?

    Keep up the good work,
    Lisa & Craig

  4. Dave Traynor says

    Quite the tale in the last few days, as the temperatures start turning, the water starts to wash the labels off the cans and the eggs continue their slow disintegration. All part of the standard fare for you, I’m sure, but a gripping tale of adventure for us back here at home.

    Thanks for your great descriptions of your life aboard and the stuff you’re doing Glenn. It’s really made the trip come to life for me.

    And I want to give a shout out to you too, Marylou. This daily update is a fabulous gift to all of us. You’ve made it seem so easy, but I know how much effort it takes to pull everything together each day. You’re doing a wonderful job and I appreciate it – and I know that everyone else reading this does as well.

    Thanks for all you do. And if you ever need any help with any part of it, don’t hesitate to ask.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thank you Dave. I’ll pass your comments on to Glenn who is making a Herculean effort to keep the reports coming despite rough seas, high winds, leaks on board, slatting sails and a bilge full of dis-labelled cans. Thanks for the shout out Dave. Much appreciated. ML

  5. I’m following you with great interest. Love your descriptions of what you’re doing (the eggs going bad!). Cheers every day for you! Joanna

  6. Simon Fitzsimmons says

    You sir, have my utmost respect.

  7. Douglas Adkins says

    Glenn, Yesterday’s CCA PWN Station meeting including comments about you and your great adventure. All best wishes and good thoughts from Seattle and keep ahead of those eggs! Doug Adkins

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