Day 45 Becalmed 16/10/13

Position: 25.16 S, 167. 44 W @16:30 UTC

 Oct 16 noon

We’ve been becalmed for 12 hours and there is no sign of wind till later this after noon … maybe.

I got lots done this morning.One very important job was to find the container of distilled water and top up the batteries. They did not take much which was a good sign. However, when I found the container it had chaffed a hole right through its side and more than half of the water was gone. I’ve now patched the hole and put it to bed with lots of padding till i need it again which will probably be in a couple months.I’ve also gathered up the pieces of the Series drogue (otherwise known as a sea brake) that my Mom sewed together for me. I’m putting it together in readiness for the Southern Ocean.

I had a great breakfast of pancakes this morning and I am having scrambled eggs and sausage for lunch with a Spinnakers beer. So all is well here although our progress is some what slow, well less than slow. Hope you had a good morning and it was very productive. 

Course 215 T Speed .8 kts Wind: 0 kts Waves E 1.5 m Cloud 10% Temp 26 C Baro 1018 Miles in last 24 hrs: 65 nm


  1. You are awesome! Love that you are living your dream!

  2. Sending you good vibes an wishes Glenn.
    Sang “Dance of the Waters” for you yesterday sending a few more fans to check you out.m Keep up the good work!
    Ellie Dufresne

  3. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn,

    Our morning was certainly not as productive or as interesting as yours. Again, I grab my dictionary learning new sea worthy words. I thank you and Marylou for that. Hang in there Glenn, and I truly wish we could send you some prairie winds. B-r-r-r-r-r-…just saying. As always we have our eye on you.


    Pat and Fred

  4. Well. Glen -everytime I get your up-date (which I must say is appreciated)
    I get chills up & down my spine, Had a bad experience on an alaskan cruise
    ship once, so hard to imagine the endurance you so couagously handle
    each day. God be with you and keep you safe for the rest of your jouney,
    By the way- When is the expected completed date –approximate
    im sure- Thx== Helen

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