Day 48 Crossing the line 19/10/13

I crossed the International Date Line at around noon today at 175 degrees of longitude which means I lost a day and went from Saturday to Sunday in a moment. (The IDL generally falls on 180 degrees longitude except where it deviates to 175 degrees around a group of islands in Kiribati).

International Date Line

image courtesy wikimedia commons

The night sky lately has been out of this world!  The quality of the light, the clouds, stars reflecting in the sea, it’s hard to put into words. It’s nothing short of a spectacle and I love the size of the screen. Part of the magic about being at sea with no land around is that the stars go right down to the horizon. It’s very special.

We’ve had a great run today –  light wind and no seaway. The motion is minimal and the sound of the water rushing by is fantastic. I hope all the caulking I did this morning is going to make a difference. Must keep my fingers crossed. They just seem to appear out of no where.

It’s warm, bright sunshine but not too hot, the motion is magical, the warmth of the sun is not overpowering, and the breeze is warm. West Wind II is gliding along at 6.5 – 7 knots on an indigo sea. Things are drying out here really well today. I have my sleeping bag out to air as well as my rain gear and all my clothes. There’s nothing like bright sun light to kill all those nasty bugs.

Yesterday evening I saw my first Albatross. It was off in the distance playing in the waves and wind. It was very dark in colour so very likely a young one.

I’m  excited about the ham radio show tonight. I may get Alek and or Barry (in Australia) on frequency tonight.

Welcome new subscribers! We now have 550 subscribers from 35 countries, most recently from India, the Solomon Islands, Hungary and Bermuda. Welcome aboard.


  1. I’ll never forget the stars in New Zealand! SO amazing, I can only imagine what it would be like on board a boat miles offshore!!!

  2. Really enjoying the posts Glen!

  3. Hi Glenn. I wanted to let you know how much your postings mean to Mike and I, both in being able to follow this amazing journey through your eyes, and in watching your writing skills blossom. Your powers of observation are wonderful! I think I will always hold in my mind’s eye the image of stars reaching down to the horizon. Know that we are with you every day.

  4. Bruce & Pam Cline says

    Hi Glenn,

    Pam and I have really enjoyed your daily progress reports, it is kind of like going along for the ride, We love your descriptive comments about your surroundings and hope that your boat remains dry once the sea starts flooding over your decks again.

    Keep safe and enjoy the sunshine

    Bruce & Pam

  5. Graham Barnard says

    Hi Glenn,
    Pleased to see you are enjoying your voyage. Your comments on the sky at night remind me of great memories while sailing 37ft Sloop off the coast of Australia twenty seven years ago. The fluorescent trail left by diving comes to mind.
    Hope your eggs are keeping and maybe some Bacon would be in order? we used to put eggs in Water Glass to protect them for many months.
    Stay safe and keep the wind in your favor. Really enjoy following your progress. Graham.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for the suggestion of using water glass (liquid sodium silicate). Glenn turns the cartons of eggs over each day to keep the insides coated so the air can’t get through the shel. Success rate is pretty good but we’ll look into water glass in the future.

  6. Bobbie and Terry Elworthy says

    Hi Glen: Our son Robin Elworthy has set this up for us to keep track of you. My husband Terry has spent approx 45 years at sea and is particularly interested in your travels, He will be 94 years of age in January. Spent half that time in the Canadian Merchant Marine and the other half in the Navy. He has written two books – “Sea of Brass” and “Spindrift”. His face lights up when someone talks to him about the the sea. We are following you and really enjoying what is happening. It is 10:34pm now so I haven’t read the report we just received to Terry yet but will do so in the morning. Love how you describe everything so vividly. I am sure it will bring back many memories for Terry. Smooth sailing.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Bobbie and Terry
      Thanks for letting us know you’re following along. Great to know we have a senior naval officer “on board” this adventure.
      Kind regards, MaryLou

  7. Patrick Dickie says

    Congratulations on crossing the International Date Line! Fair winds.

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