Day 48 Slow going 19/10/13

Oct 19 w Tauranga

Position: 28. 25 S, 170. 38 W

I’ve just finished removing and storing the kevlar jib, roved a new roller furling line and hoisted the Yankee (jib). I also up-ended the jib sheets. The wind has died down and we are becalmed. Good thing about that is it makes it easier for me to change the jib. Later today when  the sun is drying things out, I’ll attack the leaks. Although I haven’t slept since 4:00 this morning, I’ve gotten lots done, stopped and had some “Ener-C” vitamin C drink and a couple of handfuls of my g.o.r.p. and then my oatmeal of course at around 6:30.

The sun rise was fantastic and it is a prilivage to be out here seeing it in these surroundings.

 Course 215 T Speed 3.5 kts Wind E 5kts Waves E 1m Temp 22 C Cloud 50 % Baro 1023 Miles in last 24 hrs: 98 nm

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