Day 5 Settling in September 6, 2013


Day 5, Sept 6, 2013

44 09.4 N, 127 00.6 W @ 12:00 PDT

I’ve been very tired and napping a lot. It will take some time to fill up the sleep bank. I sleep well at night but have to get up every few hours with the weather pattern I’m in at the moment. I have to admit it’s a rude awakening and leaving that nice warm nest takes enormous will power. 

I’m making my first stew which is now brewing on the stove. We’re sailing at quite an angle so I’ve had to use my safety harness while working in the galley. Also doing some maintenance. I’ve had to mend the lee cloth already as the stitching has come apart.

It is important at this early stage to not over stress the rig or the boat. I have a long way to go. Our speed has been exciting and welcome. West Wind II creaks like an old wooden boat when the going is a little tough. A bit disconcerting at first but certainly not a problem. 

I have been able to download Grib files for my weather which is a treat. The electronics are so much better now than before. I found my camera which is a relief. I’ve been listening to some music and will start one of my many books soon. 

Thanks to everyone who sent messages on the blog. Wonderful to hear from you.


  1. Alan Campbell says

    Thanks for the update, Glenn and Marylou. Glenn, this is the time to be justifiably conservative. Like in flying, wait til you have a real good reason before doing something! Glad you found the camera. Hope the stew is good!

  2. Hey Glenn: I’m Following you all the way. Sail safe sail smart bless you Cheers John

  3. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to seeing you next year and hearing all about it.

  4. Best of luck and wind Glen. Mo and I are keeping a watchfull eye on your journey.
    “When in danger or in doubt…take the time to think it out.”( T.Jones).

  5. So Great to see your journey is going well. Really enjoy the up to date blogs. Safe sailing

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