Day 53 Up and Down 24/10/13


Oct 24, 2013

Position: 33.30 S, 174.33 W

Today I hooked up the electric auto helm and it’s working well in this light air. Good news is we are sailing right down the line making maximum distance to the mark.  I hope to get past the ‘300 nm to go to my waypoint’ some time today. This very slow progress is messing with my head a bit.  Still doing lots of small jobs. I did laundry today. Hope they dry soon. 

This afternoon I had enough wind to hoist the sails again. Then the wind died completely all sails came down. Just  now it’s all sail back up. Up down, up down, up down. I’m feeling worn out and I’m not going anywhere. Such is the life of a sailor. I’ll draw another line in the sand and start again. I figure at this rate, it would take me 18 months to finish. OUCH !!!

Course 125 T Speed 3.5 kts Wind N 5 Waves N .25m Cloud 90% Temp 23 C Baro 1021 steady Miles in last 24 hrs: 40 nm


  1. Joy Trapnell says

    Hi Glenn,
    Today sounds like a good day to send you a e-mail. My husband, Terry and I look forward to reading your progress daily, and enjoy your reports very much. We live just up the highway from you, in Duncan – recently relocated from the Okanagan where we had been for 21 years. We are older (55+) and discovered later in life our absolute passion for the ocean – hence the relocation to Vancouver Island. For the past five years, we have holidayed in the Gulf Islands, enjoying Saturna, Parksville, Tofino/Ucluelet, Quadra and Galiano. We took up kayaking – not the inter-island serious stuff, but just paddling close to shore and enjoying nature and wildlife – both in the water and on land. Each visit we would feel our “ocean spirit” come alive, and wonder why we were living in the Okanagan. We would dream / joke / hope “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could find work and move to the coast?” But Terry is a vineyard manager, and the possibility of finding sustainable employment in that occupation seemed slim after doing some research on the wine industry on Vancouver Island. Anyways, through an unexpected and fortunate turn of events, Terry was hired by Averill Creek Vineyards in North Cowichan, and we are enjoying Island lifestyle / people / nature / seafood / kayaking / weather to the max. Although the fog is really something to get used to – I think this is day 10 or more of misty mornings. Being from the interior, it’s weird to get used to.
    Anyways, Glenn, just wanted to introduce ourselves to you, and encourage you through this “slow” time. Every experience and sense you have – we love to hear about. We are living vicariously through your travels! Take care, Joy & Terry Trapnell.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks for your note Joy and Terry. Nice to have you along for the journey. MaryLou

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Joy and Terry thank you for introducing yourselves and welcome to the coast. I’m glad you’re enjoying my log book of experiences that my wife Marylou posts on the blog. Your support means a lot. Kayaking close to shore gives you access to one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. When Marylou and I took our kids kayaking in the 80s and 90s they loved being able to interact with the sea and the land from the kayak. Love to hook up and do some kayaking with you on my return. Thanks again for your support. Glenn

  2. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn,

    we are cheering you on. go Glenn go.”oh the places you’ll go” dr. seuss.

    pat and fred

  3. Dear Glenn

    Congrats on your great adventure, you are holding up well.
    I was curious if you are taking your position the old reliable way with a sextant to back up your electronics?

    All the best and safe journeys,


  4. Rob DeGros says

    Hi Glenn

    Not enough wind eh ? Be careful what you ask for. Just kidding….but it does remind me of the too much/not enough cycle we experience in our businesses. Really enjoying your colourful descriptions.
    All the best, Rob

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