Day 58 LAND HO !!! 29/10/13

Land Ho !!! 

This morning the cloud has cleared and I can see the outline of mountains way off in the distance about half way between Napier
and Wellington (east coast North Island of NZ).

NOTE: This is a photo from the Internet, not from Glenn. It’s posted here to give a sense of what Glenn may be seeing from his vantage point. 

More later …


  1. You must be very excited! That is a beautiful photo.

  2. Pat and Fred Lark says

    WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT FOR YOUR SORE EYES. Well the best sight is of course the beautiful Marylou and your daughters but still this is pretty cool. What did it feel like to see this?


    pat and fred

  3. Lisa Smith says

    Hi Glenn – so happy to hear you have sighted one of my favourite countries on earth! I think if I weren’t a committed British Columbian, I would be a New Zealander for sure! In the spirit of the season, I have to ask if you have had any paranormal encounters in the course of your travels – ghost ships, UFOs, psychic phenomena, etc. etc.? P.S. We’re thoroughly enjoying your blog – with you ever step of the way!

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