Day 6 Off the Wind September 7, 2013

DDay Trial Isl

42 15.4 N, 128 08.4 W @09:50 PDT

Seas are about 1.5 – 2 m and we are slightly off the wind and the boat is moving in a cork screw motion. Our speed has been great, about 6-7 knots which translates to about 150 miles+ a day. 

I saw a sooty albatross this morning but other than that not much. I am spending most of my time down below as there is water on the deck most of the time. I am also either sitting or lying down – standing is not an option.

WW II is running hard with the wind. I have about 15- 20 knots of wind, we are sailing ‘wing-on-wing’ with two reefs in the main and the kevlar jib rolled into the first reef on the other side with the spinnaker pole holding it out. Average speed this evening is about 7 knots. Coming down some of these waves we hit 9 knots! Last 24 hrs is my first 200 mile day and by the looks of things not my last. I managed to get some small jobs done this morning. 

The cabin is filled with the smell of my stew which I am now going to eat.


  1. Glenn, following you every day!! What a trek!
    God speed.
    Joan Snowden

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Congratulations on the beginning of your voyage! Seth and I were sorry to miss your send-off. But schedules are schedules and George’s old boat CELESTE is now in good hands at a yard in Washington and we’re home and at work until summer sees us back sailing again. I’ll be reading your blog with interest, and would love to connect with you and Marylou via email at some point.

    Fair winds and calm seas (I like that better than just following seas!)

  3. 200-mile days — bravo, Glenn and WWII. You deserve that good stew!

    The sun has just come up over Cadboro Bay, and we’re thinking of you.

  4. Alek Petkovic says

    Glenn, you are making me seasick and I’m on dry land. I’m at the beach every day with my headlights on. You let me know when you see them. Safe and pleasurable travels between now and then.
    Alek. VK6APK

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