Day 61 Off the beam 1/11/13

Nov 1, 2013 

Position: 43.00 S, 174.43 E @ noon


Points of Sail

I’m having a fabulous day. Wind is off the beam, (beam reach) there’s lots of birds around, and the snow-capped mountains at the north end of the South Island are visible off West Wind’s starboard side. I’m making good time and it looks like I’m going to come in close to Banks Peninsula again. I hope there is satellite phone coverage there!  Had an amazing call on the ham radio with (daughter) Claire in Tauranga again last night.  Thanks John Stephens (ZL2DD) for setting that up again. The propagation was fantastic, “double nickel” or ‘five over five’ as we ham radio operators say. After I talked to Claire I switch frequency and talked to Meri Leask on the Fisherman’s Net in Bluff, NZ. After that I went on deck to set things up for the night.

The sky was a fantastic array of red through orange,  light blue and dark blue and filled with stars. I paused and gazed at it for quite a while, feeling the expanse of nature and feeling lucky to be surrounded by it. As I walked on deck I scanned the ocean with my headlight and saw millions of krill that covered the surface of the ocean for as far as my light could shine each one with a bright fluorescent micro LED. I was sailing through an ocean of whale food. My heart is full tonight with love from Claire and the wonder of the natural world around me.
I’m a lucky man.

Course 230 T Speed 6.5 kts Wind n 15 Waves n.25m Temp 17 Cloud 20% Baro 1011 Miles in last 24 hrs: 55 nm


  1. Art Millard says

    Your message was awesome I loved NZ spent 3 weeks and did some sailing have a safe trip

  2. Jason Braida says

    You paint a vivid picture of life in a very small boat on a very large ocean. I am really enjoying your posts. Looking forward to hearing about the southern ocean. Good luck.

  3. Wow! It makes me so happy to hear about the Claire chats that you have been getting. It sounds like you are having fun so close to NZ, loving the updates and always eager to hear more. GO Glen GO!

    One Love

  4. Dama Hanks says

    Hi Glenn, I’ve been away travelling for the last month so haven’t commented, but have been reading your entries every day. Such a treat. I am completely smitten by this last one and your open and honest love for Claire and the universe! Had lunch with the gang at the RYYC today ( although Kaspar and Trish are away ) and many of us are following and enjoying being part of your journey, Hope you feel the good vibes!! xox Dama

  5. Wow. you’re alone but you’re not .

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