Day 63 Rock and Roll 3/11/13

 Nov 3, 2013 close

Position: 45.18 S, 172.12 E

Sun is out and activating the solar panels for our power. We had a good run last night and I had a good sleep. We had a reefed in jib, poled out to starboard and running before a fairly strong north wind. As usual when I’m on a run, I rocked and rolled all night long. Occasionally, West Wind II engaged in some serious rolling. I waited, breath held, for her to come out of it, which she did every time. We are half way to Dunedin (from Christchurch) – about 80 miles since noon yesterday.

I woke with a very stiff left shoulder and elbow which is to be expected after my fall. I am happy with my conservative approach and I think WW II is fine with it as well. I’ll be working on getting the drogue ready for the coming southern ocean and sorting that scenario out in my mind. I signed off the Pacific Seafarer’s Net yesterday afternoon. I’ll catch up with them on the ‘other side’ when I come up the coast of
South America.

I now have Meri in Bluff (Fisherman’s Radio) taking my position and Ron Kolody in Vancouver whom I’m sending position reports to. He’s also sending me weather updates regularly which is great. 

Getting cool here (16 C) as I’m am sure it is at home (9 C). Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday.

Course 227 Speed 5.5e  Wind North 10 kts Waves north 1.5m Cloud 25 % Temp 16 c Baro 1008 Miles in last 24 hrs: 120 nm


  1. Hi Glenn

    I only want to post what might be of interest or possibly important. I meant to include this point with the last post but forgot. It was to do with going through the area of pumice and how it might have affected the bottom of the boat. I worry a little that it might have rubbed some or all the bottom paint off the boat. If indeed this has happened Glenn, think about how much time you might lose as a result of rapid bottom growth. I don’t think the zincs would be too badly affected but.. On day 61 you were on your best point but only did 55 nm, was the weather fickle that day? This is not an, ‘Old Wives’ Tale’, if you have an infection that isn’t clearing up try smothering it with honey. There is ongoing research on this because doctors are desperate for alternatives to antibiotics. There is no water in honey and bacteria can’t handle that. No matter how this adventure turns out Glenn, you are one lucky bugger. If you start getting bored I’d gladly come down with my own albatross and take over for you.

  2. Archie Campbell says

    Hey Sailor!
    Great to see you making such good progress ; we’re sure that it’s got to be partly due to those new topsiders you’re wearing.
    Good luck on that little beat to windward that you’re about to start on. Remember no pinching or luffing and please for all of us stay clipped on!
    We are with you every day, Glen.
    Stuart and Archie.

  3. Maurice Preece says

    Hi Glenn,

    Michiko and I send our best wishes. We find your daily log fascinating and try to book in on a daily basis. It sounds as if WWTwo is looking after you.
    Take care and God’s speed.

    Maurice and Michiko

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