Day 68 Expecting a blow 8/11/13

Nov 8, 2013

Position: 48.31 S, 165.57 E 

I added up the miles to date and they total 8,118 nm as of yesterday. My daily average is 120 nm which equates to 5 knots per hour overall. It’s chilly today and very overcast which is to be expected with the weather changing sometime this evening.

Expecting a  blow tonight and I’m ready for it. The drogue is set in the lazarette and everything is put away below. Local weather forecast said 50 knots! I am away from Snares Island and off the shallow bank that surrounds that whole area so the seas will be shorter. I have a way point set off South West Cape, Tasmania which has a heading of 288 T and a range of 872 nm.

Course 272 T Speed 6knots Wind E 15-20 Waves E 1m Cloud 100% Temp 9C Baro 1015 + falling Miles in last 24 hrs: 105 nm

 Nov 8, 2013 Tasman Sea


  1. susan & Ian Grant says

    We follow you every day and note your fantastic progress. Keep up the good work. Ian & Susan s/v Rebel X

  2. Been listening out on frequency most days and called a few times but to no avail. Hope all going well and the “blow” just blew away a few cobwebs and nothing else.

    Ted Wright,

  3. Good for you Glenn! You are doing great with so many miles under your belt.!I love to read your interesting journals. I’ve been singing: ‘Dance of the Waters’ and encouraging folk to share your voyage.. Bonne Chance et continuez le bon travail. (keep p the good work. Wishes and prayers your way.
    Ellie Dufresne

  4. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi Glen, Can’t believe you are almost off the coast of Australia. We and our friends are following every day. I hope there may be some way we can communicate when you are closer.
    All our thoughts and wishes are with you
    Sally and Geoff (the Dolmans Downunder )

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Sally and Geoff
      Is there a ham radio operator in the Sydney, Australia area who is following Glenn? Perhaps (s)he could arrange something. I know for sure there’s a couple of guys in WA who will be on the radio with him as soon as he’s in range. Claire met with John Stephens in NZ who made it possible for her to speak directly with Glenn several times. An amazing experience for both of them! We’re still keeping our fingers crossed the satellite phone will kick in shortly. Stay tuned. ML

  5. Richardmacleod says

    Good work Glen! You’ve come a long way!! Keep up the good work!!l Checking your progress each day! When you return to Victoria you can buy us a round of Beer at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel! My old stopping grounds when in university!!! May the force be with you? !!

  6. Just wondering if you every got a connection with your sat phone. We have an Inmarsat and have rarely had a problem but now want to go south and wondering if in the higher latitudes you are gettinhg more problems?

  7. A warm Simonstown greeting Glenn. We are following you each day with envy and excitement as you work your way westwards. The maritime net guys are all waiting; some with strawberry icecream and the rest of us with nothing but good wishes for fair winds, good seas and safe sailing.
    Best wishes. Sam, Marijke and boys

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