Day 71 Renewing old friendships 11/11/13

 Nov 11 2013

 Position: 45.44 S 160. 18 E 

We’re sailing on a grey-green rolling carpet. The wind is from the south east, 10-15  knots and we are sailing at right angles to it, taking waves on the beam. We’re on a reach with a yankee jib almost fully furled and three reefs in the main set to starboard. The wind is fickle at the moment – one minute it’s a steady 15 knots, then down to 8-9 knots so our speed fluctuates and along with it the motion and sound level. When the wind is variable, it’s often a precursor to a wind shift so in the back of my mind I’m ready to don my rain gear and go on deck to re-set the rig. For now, I’ll just enjoy the ride and my cup of tea.

Last night was filled with joy. I tuned my ham radio to 14.140 mhz. on the 20 meter band at 08:00 UTC and listened in for the voices of two of the world’s greatest characters and good friends of mine Alek VK6APK and Barry VK6WF both from Western Australia. It was exciting, and emotional, to hear their familiar voices which I’d not heard since 2007 during my first attempt to circumnavigate single handed non stop on Kim Chow. It was wonderful to renew those old friendships.

There is a volunteer net of ham radio operators who take my position reports daily and pass them on to MaryLou in Victoria and Ron Kolody in Vancouver. Ron then sends weather reports and a weather forecast for my position and surrounding area. These men and women come into my life every day and I share my experiences with them and many other listeners.  I also get to know them. It starts out as a matter of fact exchange and grows from there to a personal relationship, often with goos conversation and lots of laughter. Hearing the voices of those two wonderful characters last night and knowing I will be talking to them for the next few months was heart warming. These conversations, along with MaryLou’s emails and messages from some of you,  are what helps me through the grey days and difficult times and makes my everyday life on board a joy.



course 276 t speed 4 kts wind e 10kts Waves e .5 m Swell s 3.5 m Cloud 100% temp 11 c baro 1036 miles in last 24 hrs 100nm


  1. steve sonneveld says

    I sailed solo from hobart to new zealand in 2012. Going east was a breeze – surfed the whole way but return hard slog against prevailing wind and current.
    why are you sailing westward when the east track is easier with prevailing winds?
    Just started reading your blog.

  2. Pat and Fred Lark says

    Hi Glenn,

    So good to hear you have been able to reconnect with old friends via ham radio. Fred has found a website “” to track weather conditions, winds, waves and other stuff I don’t know about where you are sailing. We had a great Sunday feast with Peter and Gayle. Your name came up more than once of course. We are all keeping an eye on you. Take care. Cheering you on.

    Pat and Fred

  3. Hi Glenn & MaryLou
    Re Glenn’s renewing old friendships, was not only Barry and Alek that enjoyed hearing Glenn’s voice in person via ham radio. I were monitoring the frequency when I heard Glenn’s voice break through and it was wonderful to hear, I think that back on the first attempt I would have been using VK6ZDR callsign when I spoke to Glenn in the Southern Ocean, and now changed to VK6DEW. I did not attempt to call yesterday when Glenn had to leave the frequency to attend to something but be assured I’m with you from the comfort of my shack and look forward to voice communication with you in the very near future, in the meantime stay safe and may the winds be kind.
    Cheers 73
    Doug VK6DEW

  4. Hi Glen, just reading your last log and read where you spoke with those two reprobates, Alek and Barry. You know we are not going to hear the end of this contact. I hope I can speak with you this time around :). take care and happy sailing, 73 Russ VK6NRI

  5. Hey Glenn, just checking in to let you know we’re thinking about you here. Don

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