Day 72 Optimistic 12/11/13

Nov 12 2013 Tasman Sea

Position: 45.10 S, 157.41 E

I’ve been on deck for an hour this morning. The wind has come around to the north east and torn away the quilted grey clouds that covered us for  the past two days. It has left a sky still grey but a little stronger in character and the wind is picking up. After an hour on deck my hands are numb, cold and wet.

I came down below closing the hatch tight behind me and found my fingers could not turn the igniter on the stove so had to resort to a pair of pliers. It seems the only way to get the fingers warm is to to use the arm pits or deep in my fleece pockets. The winds over the past few days have been very good and we are closing in on Tasmania very quickly. I was kept company on deck this morning by a very small black petrel about the size of a Centennial Square pigeon only more delicate. He flitted about with one long black webbed foot touching the water as if he was checking the temperature before he jumped in. I did not see him jump in but his flitting motion caught me eye while I was on deck lowering the pole and raising the main. He was my lone feathered friend this grey blustery morning and it is always nice to have company even if (s)he was doing a weird dance. 

My sails are set for the wind at hand and if all goes well I will not have to go back on deck for a few hours so I will enjoy my hand warming hot chocolate and make some oats. I keep trying the phone and keep getting the lady with the message.

The feeling I have today is very optimistic as we are making good time with the wind behind the beam for three days in a row. I have not seen the sun for three days and down below is clammy, my feet and socks have been damp for a week. I said goodbye to Meri at Bluff Fisherman’s radio last night and thanked her for being there over the past few weeks. I had another wonderful sked with Barry and Alek last night at 10 pm my time. I’m looking forward to talking with them as I get closer. I’m changing my evening sked to 8:00 UTC as this will consolidate the evening use of the radio and save me power. I am still using the phone but to no avail as yet. My elbow has settled right down these last few days. I will check the dressing a little later. I had my first bag of low sodium chips in the middle of the night last night. I was worried they may have spoiled but they were great. I am juggling the volts these days so will send this off now while I have some volts to spare. 

Course 278 Speed 6 kts Wind N 15 kts Waves N 1.5 m Cloud 100% Temp 10 C Baro 1028 Miles in last 24 hrs: 145 nm


  1. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to
    give a quick shout outt and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading
    through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal
    wih the same subjects? Appreciate it!

  2. Hi Glenn,

    Just wanted you to know that we’re enjoying the heck out of your daily updates are sailing with you in spirit over here in New Hampshire, US. Hope that elbow heals up fast! Looking forward to your next update!


  3. Good Morning Glenn,
    I hope there is a little sunshine for you today, to dry things out and lift the spirits. If not, more chips and hot chocolate will have to suffice! I’m enjoying your posts (good writing!) and although I sit comfortably at my desk I feel acutely aware of your situations. Keep it up, I love a good story. Paul and I remark often about what it takes to do what you’re doing, it’s an embrace of life that is rare. But what a legacy. Have you heard from the Duke? He seemed completely mystified by you, but obviously inspired by your quest. It’s sunny in Victoria today, a little chilly but with some fall colours hanging on so no complaints here. Looking forward to what’s ahead for you… vicariously, xxx Ellie.

  4. Hi Glen. I just had dinner with John Morche ( and Gerry Kyle)
    We applauded your adventure and reminisced on ours. I read your posts daily and love them.
    Keep safe, warm, and sending this living adventure to us.
    Cheers Mike

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