Day 75 Hello? 15/11/13

 Nov 15, closeupPosition: 43.24 S, 150.17 E

After trying three or four times a day for the last three weeks, Glenn finally made sat phone contact this morning. A big shout out to our sponsor Globalstar for aligning the satellites, or opening the gateways, or waving a magic wand over the heavens. Whatever it was… thank you.

It was a great moment to finally be able to talk on the phone for a few minutes. Glenn sounds excited and optimistic and very positive. He feels great, his elbow is healing really nicely, he’s well fed and is sleeping fine. He’s very happy with the performance of West Wind II and how she’s handling the weather and the sea conditions.

He said at times he has to slow her down when she’s charging along at 7.5 knots through the swells and it’s all he can do to hang on down below. Rather than deal with the robust motion or push the boat too hard, he’s opting instead to put a reef or two in the main and roll in the jib which gives him a relatively smoother and more balanced ride.  

He also said he’s had an  albatross with him all day.

To give you a sense of these impressive birds, I asked an expert – our good friend Hayley Shephard to share some of her photos. Hayley is an accomplished expedition leader, wilderness guide, intrepid kayaker and photographer who has spent time in the southern ocean. Her photos perfectly depict the power, beauty and grace of the albatross that have so captivated Glenn. Enjoy. 



Wandering Alb

Albatross southern ocean

Photos: Hayley Shephard

Thanks Hayley.

Course 333 Speed 6.5 knotsWind W 10 knots Waves W 1 metre Cloud 100% Temp 11 C Baro 1020 Miles in last 24 hrs: 135 nm




  1. Hey Glenn.

    You have THE most amazing support worldwide for this challenge you are persuing for a second time.
    Clearly West Wind II is and will be an awesome platform from which to endure this dream.
    Your daily posts keep all of us feeling like we are almost on the boat with you.
    Hey Buddy you just rest, I’ll go uptop and look after that broken bit, which of course we can’t do but we are right there with you when you are doing it.
    As I said in an earlier post I will be there escorting you down the Strait of Juan de Fuca Buddy.

    Godspeed Glenn

    Jan Olsen

  2. Thanks Mary Lou and Glen for keeping us updated on your journey! The added photos are great and helps me as a reader to maybe “experience” Glens “most excellent adventure!” a little better! Thanks Mary Lou and safe journey Glen! xo

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