Day 75 Highlight of my day 15/11/13

Nov 15, closeup

Well it’s been quite a day. The sat phone came to life and MaryLou and I finally got to talk. I know she worked very diligently in the background to make that happen and I’m very grateful. There are many wonderful experiences that this voyage has afforded me and there are many hardships, but by far the hardest thing to cope with is being so far away from MaryLou for so long. Hearing her sweet voice and enjoying her conversation eases the pain. We still have a long way to go and many obstacles to overcome, but any time I can get closer to her for however long is a great day. I spoke to my dear old Mum, and my two daughters as well as other family and friends. Apparently, there’s nothing quite like getting a phone call from the middle of the ocean so I phone as many people as I can. 

My attempts to arrange a drop of the camera chip near Hobart has met with a few obstacles and it seems that unless I stop and clear customs I can not just flip the chip in a small container to a passing boat, not in Australia at least. The last thing I want is to get anyone in trouble so with that in mind I’ve decided to abandon the idea and head for the open ocean and round South Cape at the bottom of Tasmania, the second of the five on my voyage. I would like to thank Vice Commodore John Green of Royal Victoria Yacht Club for putting a great deal of his time and effort into trying to make it happen. If by chance I meet another boat headed for shore who is willing to mail the envelope to MaryLou, we’ll see what happens. Keep in mind stranger things have happened and we are not giving up yet.

The sunshine today was the first I’d seen for some time and it kick started a flurry of cleaning that included the interior of the boat and a full scrub and change of clothes for me. No one on board was more pleased than I was. I almost tossed that other smelly guy overboard. My leather deck shoes don’t stay dry for long and my feet are always damp. It’s difficult to get them dry when the weather is so cloudy. Yesterday I finished a very good spy novel – a “paper” back novel to be exact and some how I had a flashback to when I was a kid and forever getting my boots wet. I remember my mom would magically get them dry over night by putting news “paper” all crunched up right to the toes. It worked and it still does. The paper back had one more purpose left in its life and that was to dry out my shoes. So along with a clean pair of socks I got dry shoes! 

 But by far the highlight of my day was talking to MaryLou.


  1. Linda Newland says

    So happy you were able to talk to Mary Lou…it is so uplifting to speak to a loved one when you are cold, tired and a long way from home. Continued good luck and thanks for your great blogs and keeping all of us winter-bound armchair sailors entertained.
    Linda Newland

  2. Hi Glenn, I remember that old way of drying out boots… a wonderful memory. Your spirit sounds wonderful. Take care, Jim

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